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Chartered by the Republic of Texas 
Februarys 1840 



Sou' wester 








Brian Coughlin. Jim Doyle, 
and Bill Bowman exhibiting 
positive attitudes upon 
returning to school. 

Let's get 
Notes to 

drink the water, don't get caught with beer, 
and be wary of those wild fraternities, pur- 
ported to be involved in human sacrifice and 
even income tax evasion. SU welcomes a 
magnanimous new dean of students and 
publishes its master plan while the USA 
goes for the gold in Seoul. 

The month gets off to a good start with a very 
successful (as usual) Alumni Phonathon. SU 
is number one in '" """ 

Bush becomes president elect and nominates 
SU Alumni Hon. John Tower for Secretary of 
Defense. Save the whales! 

Celebrating Halloween at 
John Heath's are Berta 
Frausto, Sara Espinoza, 
Kristi Wood, and Holly 

Homecoming sees the return of many distin- 
guisded alumni as well as the culmination of 
months of practice that has gone into the acts 
for that definitive talent contest, SING. Brown 
Symposium visits China, vicariously. 

Tis the season to be jolly, but not until after 
finals. Despite the cold weather, hearts are 
warm in anticipation of (the capitalist's 
favorite holiday) Christmas. SU celebrates 
with a candlelight service and Christmas 
concert. Be of good cheer but designate a 
driver first. 

Senior hellian Lt. Jeff 
Bennett who took first place 
AND set a new record in the 
annual Turkey Trot. 

Santa, Berto Saenz, 
entertained 3rd LK by 
having girls-like Margaret 
Edges- sit on his lap and tell 
him their Christmas wishes. 



The nation gets a new president. The greeks 
get new pledges. The student body gets a 
Monday off (thanks to Siberia.) Joe Montana 
gets another Super Bowl ring. Happy birth- 
day, MLK. 

The Year of the Snake begins. World wide 
freedom of expression is threatened as The 
Ayatollah declares death to Rushdie. 
Dumisani Kumaro condemns apartheid in his 
lecture at SU. Parents/Grandparents weekend 
brings a dinner off campus for most. Mask 
and Wig performs West Side Story. 

Matt Castleman lodges for 
the bat during an intense 
lacross game against Texas 



Mke Hsiao spent spring 
break sailing in Wisconsin 



Katy Moore. Lea Brimberr) 
and Kimberly Carter show 
oil their tokens ol affection 
from admiring males on 
Valentine's Day. 





Karen Roper Indulges In a 
favorite springtime activity, 
mowing the lawn. 

"April, come 
she will." It's 
almost over. 

The lacrosse team is undefeated. Mid-terms 
are out of the way. The only thing stemming 
an overwhelming tide of spring fever is the 
nasty persistant winter weather. Easter 
occurs in March this year. (Who decides 
these things, anyway?) 

Pressure mounts as we draw nearer to the 
impending doom of finals. But take time out 
to congratulate our athletes at the all-sports 
banquet? May, "Schools out! Schools out! 
Teacher let the fools out!" Commencement . 
releases our graduates on the unsuspecting 
world. Go earn lots of money. 


Studying takes its toll on Nisa 

Sou' wester 

"It's just been one of those 
days," groans John Holmes. 

Lee Liedecke, Sharon 
Graham, Yvonne Nevils, and 
Patrick Portman at the Tri-Delt 
fall party. 

Pike Initiates welcome their Bo Villemain and Jack Long go 
new pledges. out on a limb to study. 


The Time of Your Life 

The unique environment at 
Southwestern breeds intelligent 
young men and women outside 
the classroom as well as inside. 
SU student life is fertile with 
opportunities for mature 
leisure-time activities to 
stimulate students' minds. Also, 
students at Southwestern can 
engage in thought-provoking 
intercourse with their classmates 
as well as their professors. More 
than an intellectual institution, 
Texas' oldest University is an 
intellectual community of open 
minds learning new and exciting 
ways to grow together. 

Obviously Cole Widney 
and Cile Spelce are giving 
studying a break. 

Sou' wester 

Sometimes you just have 
to skip the commons and 
eat some real food as 
Tammy Bland, Laurie Ott, 
Suzi Wallace, and Lori Baur 
are doing. 

Ginger Gaines and 
Courtney Frank give a 
smile on Bid Day. 

Intramurals, our favorite 
form of procrastination. 

She can't believe her eyes- 
Monica Letts is hugged by 
the star of The Phantom of 
the Opera, Dave Wiliets, in 

Chris Williams dons a 
unique blindfold during the 
Sigma road rally. 

Showing their geometric 
talent are Victor Acepcion, 
Mike Frontz, Andy Benton 
Jason Simmons, Amy 
Briscoe, Gina Ginn, 
Maria Moore and 
Angela John j*sp; 

Engaged in a friendly 
game of Suck-n-blow, 
Gena Watson and George 
Boudreau, show how 
easy it is. 


Sou' wester 


Goofing off at a Hallow- 
een party, Pete Finch, 
Ron Chavanec, Kendall 
Clements, and Aaron 
Zoerner look lean and 

Partying all night long at 
the Jamaican Sunfest 
are Katy Moore, Mike 
Chiang, Amylu Streater, 
Bruce McCallum.Tim 
Smith, Willy Thoeni, 
Stephanie Panus, 
Kevin McMahon, 
Connie Kruegar, 
Darren Fisher, Anne 
Streit, Lea Brimberry, 

U.l U_- 




Homecoming and Sing are 
big traditions at 01" SU. 
Students spend weeks 
forsaking homework in order 
to practice on their Sing 
entries. Alumi come from all 
over to gleefully watch their 
favorite organizations make 
fun of Southwestern. Pi 
Kappa Alpha took first place 
for the sixth year straight with 
their rendition of various 
patriotic American tunes. 

They also won first place with 
their parade entry of the 
"Tourist Brigade." The Alpha 
Delta Pi's came in second 
place with their version of 
"Bye-Bye Birdie," and 
Tri-Delta came in third place 
with their Mouseketeer skit. 
This years homecoming 
activities honored the classes 

of 1963, 1968, and 1978. 
Other homecoming activities 
included Library tours (since 
we have a new library,) men's 
and women's oldtimers 
basketball games. The 
festivities were topped off by 
a late night gathering at the 
Mercantile Beer Garden in 

2nd floor Kurth paraded as an 
American flag. L to R are Neil 

Sou' wester 

Patterson, Diana Ashe, Martie 
Erwin, Denise Lee, Kris Olsta, 
and Kelly Wetzel. 

2nd floor LK were presidents in 
the homecoming parade. 

Pi Kappa Alpha performing 
their first place entry "Songs of 

The KA's hamed 
spoof on Ol' SU. 

it up in a 

The Tri-delts 
Disneyland in 
winning skit. 


us to 

Garret Brandt and Michael 
Lysinger are a happy part of the 
PKA tourist brigade. 

"' ; ^H^^^^^H 

] i m 

jm 1 

-• .» / Jt / ' jr /'A I 
_?*•/ J5Ff m MwkMv 



-4 -S ?S7a ftS 7a 7a T^i 7 


For both the parade and Sing, 
ZTA did a spoof on the 
presidential race between 
Dukakis and Bush. 

The Mask and Wig 
Players started the year 
with John Guare's wacky 
play, "The House of Blue 
Leaves." With the help 
of David L. Lander, 
Squiggy from "Laverne 
and Shirley," as the lead. 
The story was about a 
family struggling with the 
subjects of mental illness 
and failure. Artie, played 
by Lander, is an aging 
unsuccessful song writer 
who works in the city zoo 
to support himself and 
his insane wife. Another 
important person in this 
tale is Artie's flighty 
girlfriend, Bunny. Chaos 
erupts in the household 
upon the return of the 
homicidal son gone 
AWOL from the army-in 


Kristi Wood , Squiggy, and 
Christie Flynn, in "The House 
of Blue Leaves." 

order to blow up the 

Pope. This crazy story 

ends tragically with Artie 

murdering his wife. 

The second performance 

given by the Mask and 

Wig Players was that of 

"The Winter's Tale." This 

play was a story of a lost 

love between a King and 

a Queen. 

Mask and Wig ended the 
mainstage production 
season with the crowd 
pleasing West Side 
Storv. The modern day 
Romeo and Juliet story 
tells of two young lover's 
relationship complicated 
by racism. The audience 
was delighted with the 
excellent singing, 

dancing, and acting of all 
the performers. 


Sou' wester 

Kristi Wood and Paul 
DeCordova in "The House of 
Blue Leaves." 


This year's Brown 
Symposium entitled GODS, 
was designed to introduce 
the American audience to an 
understanding of Thailand 
and of Asian culture in 
general. The main focus of 
the symposium was on the 

Ramakian, the Thai national 
epic. The Symposium 
consisted of lectures by Dr. 
Theodora Bofman, Dr. 
Stephanie Krebs, Dr. Forrest' 
McGill, Dr. Donald Mitchell, 
Dr. Dacre Mitchell, Dr. Frank 
Reynolds and an exquisite 
performance by the 
musicians and dancers from 
Srinakharinwirot University in 

The Dancers from 
Srinakarinwirot University 
perform the "Floating Maiden" 
episode from the Ramakian. 

The Great Wall of China. 
Photos from China are 
courtesy of Dr. Horick. 

In preparation for this year's 
Brown Symposium, faculty 
visited China to experience the 
culture "first hand." Here we 
have Dr. Mary Vissor, Dr. Bill 
O'Brien, and Dr. Robert Horick 
eating dinner at the home of a 
Chinese professor from 
Wuhan University. 


Sou' wester 




■ i t 

Dr. Greg Washington taking a 
camel ride in Stone Forest near 


The Union program 
council, which is directed 
by Dorita Hatchett, has 
done an outstanding job 
scheduling entertainment 
forSU. All of the 
entertainers booked have 
won top honors in their 
respective categories 
from the National 
Association for Campus 

Programs for 88-89 

included: Regency-jazz 


Third Language- rock 


David Hollowell- comedian 

Talent show with Kier 

4 Guys standing around 


Motown Beach Night 

Casino Night 

Battle of the Bands 

In the fall, Regency, 
entertained students with 
their jazz style. 

Marty Putz demonstrates 
who knows what with his 
Top Grade Cowhide 
baseball glove. 


Sou' wester 

-C'^'Oiv 1 .; 

In April we were all Third Language rocked all 

entertained by 4 guys night long at an all 
standing around singing, campus party. 

iv?? ! 


Phonathon caller Heather 

Goynes confers with loyal Angela and Lee relax on a ski 

alumni. lift bench. 

The outstanding success 
of this years's event was 
the result of dedicated 
student volunteers who 
encouraged more than 
1,500 Southwestern 
alumni to pledge almost 
$80,000 to the Brown 
Challenge. In fact, 
because student 

participation was so 
tremendous, the event 
was cut short by five 
calling sessions. 

The four top callers were 
Sharon Rork, Meredith 
Smith, Angela Straface, 
and John Whitehurst. 
These four people and wild 
card winner Leigh Gard 
won a ski trip to the 
Colorado Rockies as 
reward for their efforts. 
They traveled with Gwen 
Scott, Director of Annual 
Giving, to Steamboat 
Springs, CO, January 2-8. 



Sou' wester 

Judy Albright and Christine 
Leonard entice alum to give. 

Top callers are Leigh Gard, 
Meredith Smith, Angela 
Straface, Sharon Rork, and 
John Whitehurst. 

Leigh Gard, Angela, and John 

bundle up after a long day of 


"Yeah, Frosty's alive!! exclaim 

Meredith and Sharon. 

Angela Straface, Gwen Scott, 
and Lee Meredith standing in 
front of an ice sculptor. 



Expanding Ourselves 

^£2" This year Southwestern 

P 7 ' University provided many 
opportunities in which students 
were able to broaden 
themselves. Among these 
activities were the Asian Bazaar 
and the program "Passport to 
the Future." 

In continuing the Asian year at 
SU, an Asian Bazaar was 
organized by Dr. Susan So. 
The purpose was to allow 
students to find out about Asian 
culture. Activities included 
demonstrations in oriental 
painting on silk and in martial arts. 
Authentic Chinese and Indian 
costumes were modeled by 
students and faculty. In addition 
to these exotic exhibits- a tasty 
snack bar of oriental delights was 

The program passport to the 
future is an outreach program 
designed to encourage 
students to go to college. The 
program is aimed at young high 
school students who still have 
time to make needed 
adjustments in their high school 
careers. THe participating 
students were given a taste of 
the academic life in 30 minute 
sample classes. Assistant 
Professor of Music Feliecia 
Johnson coordinates the 
program. The administration, 
faculty, staff and SU students 
were encouraged to participate 
in this program by conducting 
tours and escorting a high 
schooler around for the day. 
The program has been hailed as 
being outstandingly successful. 

Dr. and Shunil Jacob watch as 
Prince Rahman dances across 
the stage during the fashion 
show section of the Asian 

:U,,fe^ ,--,,,■,... 

Dorita Hatchett models an 
authentic oriental gown at the 
Asian Bazaar. 


Sou' wesler 

Sonja Peterson, seen here with 
"passport" participants, 
conducted tours for "Passport 
to the Future." 

Passport participants putting 
together a puzzle. 

PI !! II 

As part of the Asian Bazaar, Catherine Harris sits with two 
students performed Thai music "passport" students, 
on the veranda. 




Leaders of Today 

The 1988-89 

commencement convocation 
was held at Sid W. 
Richardson Physical 
Education Center. The 
commencement address was 
delivered by the Honorable 
Ann Tyrell Cochran. The 
following students 
graduated with honors; 
Susan Melissa Dindot 
Michael Holan 
Garett Marshall 
Karen Lyn Roper 


Karen Turner gives an elated 
smile on graduation. 

Honor graduate Scott Kimbro is 
truly a man ready to enter "the 
real world." 

Craig Carroll and Don Campbell 
await the beginning of the 

Ken Flint, Stacy Flood, and 
Elisa Fontenot take their final 
walk as college students. 

New Graduate Shunil Jacob 
gives a smile of satisfaction. 

Lt. Jeff Bennett was 
commissioned by the US 
Marine Corp an hour before he 
received his diploma from SU. 
He is seen here surrounded by 
loyal friends Holly Marshall, 
Kenny Sheppard, Danna, 
Amanda Carter, Scott Shearer, 
Jon Kennedy and Dan Ramirez. 

Chris Plumlee, Sarah Pressly 
and Piper Purcell. 

0mmmm y 

The Union Program Council 
members "ham-it-up" at the Rick 
Kelly Beach Party. Left to right: 
(back) Lee Liedecke, Karen Gratke, 
Gavin Morgan, Dorita Hatchett, 
(sitting) Rob Darrah, Christy 
Sorensen, and (laying down) Janet 

Dr. Bill O'Brien enjoyed peddling 
through the streets of Beijing 
during his trip to China. 

Dr. Hsueh-Yung Shen performing 
"Marche de timballe" during his 
faculty recital. 

Sou' wester 

Professors catering to students 
during the traditional midnight 
breakfast. That's the way it should 

"Whoops, we broke it," cringes 
Clint Lively and his mistress 
Harland Dewitt. 

Confusion now hath made his 



Martha Allen 

Professor of History 

Thomas Blackburn 

Assistant Professor of Philosophy 

Maria Bohm 

Professor of Foreign Language 

Nancy Crocker 

Assistant Professor of Philosophy 

Weldon Crowley 

Professor of History 

Winston Davis 

Professor of Philosophy 

Jan Dawson 

Associate Professor and Chair of 

the Department of History 

David Gaines 

Assistant Professor of English 

Halford Haskell 

Assistant Professor of Classics 

Walter Herbert 

Professor of English 

William Jones 

Professor of History 

Elaine Phillips 

Instructor of Foreign Language 

Not Pictured 

Virginia Carwell 

Sonia Riquelme 

Professor and Chair of the Department 

Assistant Professor of Foreign 

of English 


Jack Harris 

Susan So 

Associate Professor of English 

Assistant Professor of English \ 

Cynthia Mahamdi 

Marie Tollerson 

Instructor of English 

Associate Professor and Chair of the 

Joseph Molitoritz 

Department of Foreign Language 

Assistant Professor of Foreign 


John Score 

Professor of Philosophy and 


Farley Sne 

University Chaplain and Chair of the 

Department of Religion and 


Norman Spellman 

Professor of Religion and 

Philosophy and Chair of 


Glenda Warren 

Assistant Professor of Foreign 


Gregory Washington 

Professor of Philosophy and 

Director of Multicultural Affairs 

According to Plato, these guys should be our future rulers. Lord help us if they take power. It's 
philosophy majors Lee Wertz, Scott Kimbrough, Hoj Kim, Eric Hansen, Burton Cleveland, and Dr. Tom. 

I Sou' wesle f 

(Pi <Detta (Phi 

Pi Delta Phi is the National French honor society. Members are, l-r, Front; Neil Patterson, Karen Hrdlicka, Ha Nguyen, 
Nancey Littleton and Kim Prewitt, Back; Dorothy Wilson, Barbie Rose and Monica Simon. 

Sigma (DeCta <Pi 

Sigma Delta Pi is the National Spanish honor society. Members are, l-r, Sossy Sarikhanian-secretary, Philip Henry-VP, 
Monica Letts, Maria Bohm (faculty), Alina Masferrer, Sharon Graham, Joanna Fountain (faculty) and Sonia Riquelme 
(faculty sponsor), not pictured is Leigh McRae-president. 

Sou' wester 


<i i f 

■<JL *Vj*v *_*_.<! gL g* H E 
ill I 1 I I I J I 

Maria Pfeiffer visited Mont St. 


Maria Pfeiffer is seen here in front 

of Chenonceaux in France. 

Dorthy Wilson, Paige Edwards and 
Maria Pfeiffer enjoyed the 
continental cuisine of a biergarten 
in Salzburg. 

Summer Study Abroad Programs 

Becky Borjas and Leigh McRae 
toured such sites as the Temple of 
the Moon . 

Wendy, Julie Davis, Leigh McRae 
and Christi Flynn are seen here with 
their teacher Ricardo at Centre 
Bilingue in Cuernawaca, Mexico 

Sou' wester 

Semester Abroad Study Programs 

Row 1 : Dr. Bob Morgan, Laura Cordes, Monica Letts, Erin Hotchkiss, David Huang, Julie Collingwood. Row 2: 
Harland Dewitt, Angela Lunsford, Latisha Campbell, Aileen Oandasan, Marjie LaRowe, Camille Santry, Dr. 
Martha Allen. Row 3: John Dapper, Clint Lively, Michele Neppl, Lisl Schweers, Karen Tongberg, Diana Welch, 
Michael Hurtado. Row 4: Leslie Ballenger, Laura Irene Patterson, Kendra Trachta, Mary Gere Bridger, Katherine 
Ferrey. Row 5: Jaysn Jameson, Eric Swartz, David Streitman, Sarah Colcote. 

Monica Letts and Erin Hotchkiss in St. 
James Park, London. 

Sou' wester 

Jaysn Jameson preparing to indulge 
in his Thanksgiving dinner while in 

Monica Letts, Katherine Ferrey and 
Laura Cordes-hanging out in London. 

Cami Cunningham, as an international 
Rotary Scholar spent a semester in 
New Zealand, She's seen here 
cuddling a Koala during her trip 
through Australia. 

Bridget Collins, Mary Gere Bndger and 
Laura Cordes in Hofbrahuas. 

Monica Letts standing at the center of 
the world in Greenwich, with one foot 
in the East and one in the West. 

Cami Cunningham in Christehurch 
New Zealand with Lisa Frye from New 

Sou wesfe r 










Sou' wester 


Robert Morgan 

Associate Professor and Chair of 

the Department of Biology 

Bill 0' Brien 

Assistant Professor of Physics 

Gulnar Rawji 

Assistant Professor of Chemistry 

Gary Richter 

Associate Professor of 

Mathematics and Computer 


Robert Roeder 

Professor and Chair of the 

Department of Physics 

Therese Shelton 

Instructor of Mathematics and 

Computer Science 

Robert Soulen 

Professor and Chair of the 

Department of Chemistry 

Vicente Villa 

Professor of Biology; Dishman 

Chair in Science 

not pictured 

Louis Lightsey 

Instructor of Mathematics 

Computor Science 

Bennett Watson 

Instructor of Mathematics 

Computor Science 


-■^ykMi^ .-^'■'" - 

"' * SI 


*%5& 0^ m 

: ; ^j; 



Fred Bakenhus 

Professor of Mathematics and 

Computer Science 

John Chapman 

Associate Professor and Chair of 


theDepartment of Mathematics and 

Computer Science 

Richard Denman 

Associate Professor of 

Mathematics and Computer 


Fred Hilgeman 

Professor of Chemistry and Chair of 

the Division of Natural and Applied 


Horace Jacob 

Associate Professor of Biology 

Ed Lansford 

Professor of Biochemistry 

"Texas Professor of the Year" 

Chemistry Professor Robert 
Soulen is concerned that this 
country will be unable to meet its 
future need for scientists in 
teaching and research because 
so few students are currently 
graduating from science 
programs. So, for many years, 
the internationally recognized 
chemist has spent many 
program at Southwestern, and 
encouraging them to pursue 
career in scientific teaching and 

Dr. Soulen's extraordinary 
dedication to science and 
teaching were recognized this 
month when he was named 
"Texas Professor of the Year" by 
the national council for 
Advancement and Support of 
Education, located in 
Washington, D.C. Soulen, 
chairman of the SU chemistry 
department and holder of the 
Lillian Nelson Pratt Chair in 
Science, was also named one of 
nine National Gold Medalists in 
CASE'S 1988 Professor of the 
Year Program. More than 500 
professors were nominated for 
the national and state honors, a 
record number of nominations in 
the program which began in 

CASE is the nation's largest 
professional organization 
advancing understanding and 
support for higher education. In 
selecting award recipients, a 
CASE panel of experts looked 
for extraordinary effort as scholar 
or teacher, scholarship and 
service; evidence of impact on 
and involvement with students; 
evidence of achievement by 
former students; and quality of 
support materials from current 
and former students. 

"Throughout his 24 years as a 
teacher at Southwestern, Dr. 
Soulen's students have 
regarded him as a faculty 
member who is extraordinarily 
sensitive and dedicated to the 
educational enterprise. They 
have repeatedly recognized him 
as a professor who combines 
real teaching ability with 
professional excellence, and 
one whom they respect both as 
a scientist and friend. Dr. 
Soulen has been a mentor to 
many students, and his 
enthusiasm and optimism in his 
approach to scholarship and 
teaching are attributes we would 
all do well to emulate," said 
Southwestern President Roy B. 
Shilling, Jr. 

In addition to teaching a wide 
variety of chemistry courses, 
Soulen involves students in his 
research. He has received over 
$300,000 form various agencies 
to support chemistry research at 
Southwestern, he holds 19 
U.S. and foreign patents and 
has shared authorship of 15 of 
his 32 technical papers with 

Dr. Soulen's concern for and 
interaction with students goes 
beyond the classroom. He 
serves as academic advisor for 
the Health Science Professions 
and, on his own time, has 
frequently taken students to 
visit area industries, medical 
schools and graduates to learn 
about professional 

opportunities. He has 

developed an active science 
seminar program which brings 
local, national and international 
speakers to campus to discuss 
research opportunities for men 
and women in science. 

His dedication and 
enthusiasm for teaching have 
inspired many of his students to 
follow his example; More than 
35 of his former students have 
obtained a Ph.D. or M.D. 
degree and many are now 
teaching at medical schools and 
graduate schools of chemistry. 

In addition to teaching and 
research, Soulen is a Fellow of 
the Texas Academy of 
Science, Fellow of the American 
Association for the 
Advancement of Science, 
member of Sigma Xi, Phi 
Lambda Upsilon and the 
American Chemical Society. He 
has held many offices in the 
Central Texas section of ACS 
and since 1981 has served as 
the section Councilor, 
representing over 500 area 
chemists to the national policy 
meetings. At the national level, 
he has been a member of the 
Committee on Budget and 
Finance, Council Policy 
Committee, Chairman of the 
Committee on Local Section 
Activities and a member of the 
advisory board for National 
Chemistry Day- 1987. he has 
been honored with the G.A. 
Ayres Award, several ACS 
service awards, an Outstanding 
Teacher Award and 
Sout hwestern's Mr. 

homecoming Award. -Annjnou 

Sou' woslef 

John Delancy 

Professor of Business 

Billie Fullingim 

Associate Professor of Education 

Leonard Giesecke 

Associate Professor and Chair of 

the Department of Economics and 


Florence Gould 

Professor of Political Science 

Dan Hilliard 

Associate Professor and Chair of 

the Department of Sociology 

William Douglas Hooker 

Professor and Chair of the 

Department of Psychology 

Edward Kain 

Assistant Professor of Sociology 

Carla Lowry 

Professor and chair of the 

Department of Physical Education 

James Mallon 

Baseball Coach and Assistant 

Professor of Physical Education 

Gwen Neville 

Professor of Sociology 

Timothy O'Neill 

Associate Professor of Political 


Paul David Peak 

Basketball Coach and Assistant 

Professor of Physical Education 

not pictured 

George Brightwell Jr. 

Instructor of Economics and Business 


Rebecca Bennish 

Instructor of Economics and Business 


B. Joe Colwell 

Professor of Economics and Business 


Judson Custer 

Professor of Education, Director of 

Mood Heritage Museum 

Peggy Davis 

Visiting Assistant Professor of 


Sharon Johnson 

Assistant Professor of Education 

Kathryn Kramer 

Assistant Professor of Sociology 

Fred Sellers 

Associate Professor of Economics and 

Business Adminstration 

Jesse Purdy 

Associate Professor of 

Psychology, Chair of the Division 

of Social Science 

Robert Reinehr 

Assistant Professor of Psychology 

Ken Roberts 

Assistant Professor of Economics 

and Business Administration 

Richard Santos 

Assistant Professor of Economics 

and Business Administration 

Fred Sellers 

Associate Professor of Economics 

and Business Administration 

William Nike Sikes 

Associate Professor and Chair of 

the Departmant of Education 

Jerome Valentine 

Professor of Business 

James Hunt 

Professor of Education 

Dr. Lowry, Dr. Kassen- Professor of Physical Education, Coach Clay- Basketball Coach and Assistani 
Professor of Physical Education, Coach Mallon, Dr. Alford -Assistant Professor of Physical Education, 
Shirley Miller- Executive Secretary, Coach Munt, Coach Peak. 

Soj wester 

Alpha %appa ?Psi 

L-r, Bottom; Mallie Moss, Rebecca Paley, Brandi Powell, Ashlie Simecek, Holly Marshall, 2nd row, Cally Coleman, 
Marsa Mangrum, David Sulkowski, Karen Meyer, Susan Parker, Deanna Devine, Leeanne Brunson, Heather 
Kissenger, Nancy Hageland, 3rd row; Julie West, Jack Traisnel, Julie Verrett, Patrick Portman, Michelle Glick, 
Shawn Wiltse, Dianne Hobratschk, Karen Tonberg, Dr. Jerry Valentine, Top; Dr. John Delaney, Glen Braden, Laura 
Mills, Nestor Berrocal, Robin Harris, Laura Kimball, Guillermo Cockrum, Tivy Nobles, Stuart Colburn and Garret 

Sou' wester 

The Lambda Pi chapter of this 
professional business fraternity has 
come a long way since its 
establishment in 1983. The 
fraternity has enjoyed a busy and 
successful year. Along with the 
training and initiating of two very 
large pledge classes, there have 
been several professional speakers 
sponsored by the group and 
business field trips to places like IBM 
and the Austin American Statesman. 
For our philanthropy we collected 
donations for the American Heart 
Association and we visited the 
Weslyan Nursing Home. A golf 
tournament, which was open to the 
public, was yet another activity which 
kept the chapter busy. On top of all 

of this were a few social events. . . 
such as pre-rush hot tube get 
toghether, ice cream parties, pizza 
parties and visits to the Laff stop. 
What really topped of this year was 
having two professors , Dr. 
Valentine and Dr. Delaney, become 
extremely active and enthusiastic 

members.- CcUCy Coleman 

Cally Coleman, Nester Berrocal and 
Marsa Mangrum at the AKP Fali 
Banquet which was held at J.C. 

Past president Jonathan Kennedy 
('87-'88) and president David 
Sulkowski ('88-'89) at the Fall 

The spring pledge class works hard 
at their pledge class car wash. 

Julie Verrett, Robin Harris, Guillermo 
Cockrum, and Julie West (Fail 
pledges) are the "Most persistent 
PAIN team." 


Sou' wester 

<Psi Chi 

Psi Chi is a national psychology fraternity, members are: 

right to left: (first row) Katie Conerly, Jennifer Barkman, Jennifer Blume, (sitting on 
couch) Sharon Lundgren, Sarah Pressly, Linda Hall, Annette Helmcamp, (third row) 
Karen Roper, Amy Schimdt, Kim Lewis, Tamra Trimble, (fourth row) Dr. Reinehr and 
Dr. Purdy. 

Sou' wester 

_ Oasis 

Oasis is an organization for students majoring in Sociology. 

l-r, floor; Shelly Immel and Craig McKinney, seated; Michelle Wuest, Laura Walker, 
Camille Santry, Christine Leonard, Amy Vanwyngarden, Lorie Kling and Stephen 
Perz, standing; Shannon Hart, Gwen Kennedy Neville (faculty sponsor), Karen 
Holloman, Beth Williams, Edward Kain (faculty sponsor) and Sharon Birch. 

Sou' wests 

ILnglish Society 

l-r, top row; Jennifer Bransom, Bridget Collins, Stacey Lynch and Vanessa Davis, 
Bottom; Steve Smith, Sean Williams, Laura Cordes, Mary Gere Bridger and Samara 


Sou' wester 

Richard J. Hossalla 

Associate Professor and Chair of the 

Department of Arts 

Thomas Howe 

Assistant Professor of Art History 

Drusilla Huffmaster 

Professor of Piano- Artist in 


Kathleen Juhl 

Instructor and visiting artist 

Glen McClish 

Assistant Professor of Theatre and 

Speech Communications 

George Nelson 

Professor and Chair of the 

Department of Music 

Ellsworth Peterson 

Professor and Chair of the School of 

Fine Arts 

Robin Schraft 

Professor of Theatre andSpeech 


Raymond Schroeder 

Assistant Professor of Music 

Kenneth Sheppard 
Assistant Professor of Music 
Education and Choral Music 
Victoria Star Varner 
Instructor and Visiting Artist 
Patrick Veerkamp 

Associate Professor and Chair of the 
Department of Art 

Not Pictured 

Anthony Adessa 
Assistant Professor of Music 
Virginia Dupuy 
Visiting Artist in Voice 
Felecia Johnson 
Instructor of Music 
Nancy McClain 

Assistant Professor of Music 
Hsueh-Yung Shen 
Assistant Professor of Music 
Judy Thompson 
Instructor of Dance 

Mary Visser 

Assistant Professor of Art 




Sou' wester 

Back Row: (left to right) Rod Sanford, Patrick Martin, Kristal Reid, Geoff Carpenter, 
Michael Lysinger, Amy Jinks, Barry Bain. 2nd. Row: Mark Erck, Maria Krueger, Amy 
Briscoe, Susan Busch, Brad Weselman, Jenifer Giroux, Jerry House. 1st. Row: 
Maryanne Navickas, Robert Linhart, Susan Dindoy, Barbie Rose, Joe Case, Tanya 
Blake. Director: Kenny Sheppard. 


Sou' wester 

_ T/te Company 

The Company 

Left to Right, 


Nick DeLaRosa III, Roderick 

D. Sanford, Maryanne E. 

Navickas, Patrick L. Martin, 

Kristal Reid, Amy Blake 

Not Pictured: Trade Shelton, 
Bobby Linhart, Brian 

_ SU Singers 

The Southwestern 
Singers is a mixed 
choral group and is 
open to all students 
without audition. 


Sou' wester 

Symphonic 'Band 



Stage 'Band 

Stage "Band 

'DirictoT-Qiorgi 9\[clson 

David Streitman 


Sarah Tspinoza 


Steve Hardie 


•Kristin "Baker 


Craig garret t 


John "Whitehurst 




Donna "Hastings 


Andy "Brandenberger 


"Kat Callaway 


%enee "Preiss Trumpet 

David "Brehm 


"Bo "Villemam 


<Bill "Barton 


"Brian Lieke 


Sharon Lungren 


Andrew Mullinax 



"Director Qtorgi Oftlson 

Evangelyn Clark_ 




Cristine Carter 




"Paula Jackson 


David Streitman 

alto sax_ 

Liza "Harris 

bass clarinet 

"Maria Pfeiffer 

tenor sax 

Scott Durkin 


Julie 0"Kuma 


Sarah Espinoza 

alto sax 



"Valerie Pilcher 


Lee Ann Sommer 


James "Biggerstaff 


"Harry Hill 


Charles "Burchard 


Anne "Meadows 


Melissa Maurer 


Chris tin Lee "Piatt 


"Kps tin "Baker 


Mic hael Hu rl ado 


Judy Albright 


"Wendy Sireza 


John "H'futehurst 


Craig Q arret t 


%pbert Linhart 


Craig Strickland 


Deanna 'Welborn 


Aileen Oandasan 


"Elizabeth Lane 




"Kat Calloway 


Angela Sparks 


Mindee "Jlowers 


Sandra "Estrada 

alto clarinet 

%enee "Preiss 


Jason Qeislweuit 


Curtis Tromple.r 


"Bo 1'Ulemain 


Bill Barton 


Jennifer "Jmncis 

baritone sax 

Martha Atkins 




%pdney Mayerhoff 




%ebecca Cheney 


Humberto Saenz 


Andrew Mullinax 

alto sa\. 

Donna Hastings 



Sou' wester 

Mpfia ^Psi Omega 

Alpha Psi Omega--a national dramatic honorary fraternity. 

Left to right: (top) Kim Breckon, Brenda Burton, Kristi Woods, Dwanyne McFarland, 

D'lane Runkles, Nicholas DeLaRosa, Robert Linhart, John Seymour, Michael Sullivan. 

(bottom) Brigid Malek, Jeff Malion, Lance Ball, Courtney Wyn Franks, Pete Simon, Carla 


Sou' wester 

(DeCta Omicron 

Delta Omicron is an international professional music fraternity for persons in the field of 


Standing: (L to R) Jason Geistweidt, Dr. Peterson, Jennifer Giroux, Brad Wesselman, 

Rod Sanford, Bobby Linhart, Patrick Martin, Christy Sorensen, Tania Marshall, Harry Hill, 

Martha Atkins 

Kneeling: (L to R) Susan Busch, Laurie Husmann, Amy Blake, Mike Hinosa, Anne 

Meadows, Nancy Nettles, Cathy Degnan. 


Sou' wester 

Masf<i& "Wig 

Left to right: (front row) Amy Blake, Brigid Malek, Lara Fry, Brenda Burton, Carla Crowe, 
Melinda Lee, Nicholas De La Rosa, Roy Trejo, Michael Sullivan, Lynne McCreary, 
Melissa Miller, Scott Cox. (second row) Nicole Rae Cowan, Kim Breckon, Paul de 
Cordova, Scott Thomas, Courtney Wyn Franks, Cheryl Morris, Pete Simon, Jeff Mallon. 
(third row) Neda Oren, John Seymour, Dwanye McFarland, Cheles Rhynes, Lance Ball, 
Erin Allen, Dundee Lackey, (fourth row) Brian Hollis, Robert Linhart, Wendy Streza, 
Brian Coughlin. (not pictured) David Lee Brehm, Patrick L. Martin, Roderick Sanford, 
Kristal Reid, D'lane Runkles, James Venhaus. 

30U westef 

£iSal /*!► 

', ' " '"'*"' fl 




Three major productions were 
performed this season. They 
ranged from Shakespeare's _A 
Winter's Tale to Bernstein's 
West Side Story. Major characters 
from West Side Storv include (on 
stairs) Michael Halden Robert 
-Linhart (bottom) Courtney Franks, 
Lance Ball, and Anne Meadows. 

Mask and Wig members Cheryl 
Morris, Lance Ball, Laura Tackett, 
and Scott Cox perform the dance 
number, "Slaughter on Tenth 

Laura Ludwig, Tracie Shelton and 
Carla Crowe exhibit strikingly 
familiar roommate relationships in 
the original work, There Goes the 
Deposit, written and directed by 
senior Brenda Burton. 

Visiting artist David Lander, Kristi 
Woods and Kim Breckon (left) 
perform John Guare's House of 
Blue Leaves , the first show of the 


Sou' wester 

—Art Association 

The art association is an 
organization which was 
formed to promote 
interest in the visual 
arts and to provide 
artistic growth for 
students of the arts. 
Sitting: Cynthia Brink, 
Tonia Cook, Jennifer 
Phillips, Stephanie 
Gimenez and Adam Bork, 
standing; Tasha Clark, 
Keith Guehring, Prince 
Rahman and Jennifer 


Sou' wester 

Tfe<p%$3MT,9& mvmps 


Scott Kimbrough 
Outstanding Student in the 
Department of Religion and 

Jay W. Richards 

Co- recipient of the David 

Knox Pre-Theology Award 

Jerry House 

Co-recipient of the David 
Knox Pre-Theology Award 

Steven Smith 

Karin Brown 

Gertrude Solomon Award for 

Excellence in French 

Robert Bednar 
Outstanding Student in 
American Studies 


Lori Ann Boren 

Accounting Excellence Award 

Donald Campbell 
Excellence in Economics and 
Outstanding student in 
Political Science 

Linda Jean Hall 

The Wall Street Journal 


Sharon Lundgren 
Outstanding Student in 

Stacy Swaboda 
Outstanding student in 
Physical Education 

Piper Purcell 
Outstandino. student in 

Kimberly Haney 
Outstanding student in 

Jodie Steger 
Frank E. Luksa Award- 

Michelle Hudson 
Excellence in Economics 


Timothy Brinkman 
Outstanding student in 

Susan Dindot 
Outstanding student in 

Michael Holan 

American Chemical Society 


Shelby Holt 

Freshman Chemical Award 

Dawn Dorsey 

Best Freshman Analytical 


Maria Gelabert 

Physics Gold Eagle Award 

Cami Cunningham 

Atkin Memorial Scholarship 

in Mathematics 


Keith Guehring 
Adhievement award 

Rebecca Cheney 
Achievement award 

Jennifer Linton 
Achievement Award 

Laura Wilson 
Award of Merit in the 
Department of Art 

Marissa Karstetter 
1st place Annie Edward 
Barcus Minga Speech 

Angelyque Campbell 
2nd place Annie Edward 
Barcus Minga Speech 

Jennifer Holdren 
3rd place Annie Edward 
Barcus Minga Speech 

Kristin Baker 

Dean Henry Meyer Memorial 

Composition Award in Music 

Lance Ball 

Outstanding Theatre Student 

Elizabeth Schlatter 
Bob Lancaster Award 

Michael Sullivan 
Angus Springe Memorial 


Humberto Saenz 
Alina Masferrer 
Doston Bradley 
Angelyque Campbell 


Janelle Wertzberger 
Jarret Cummings 
Cassandra Moore 

Sou' wester 

Cardinal J(ey 

Cardinal Key is a honorary leadership society. 

Front; Trisha Jaramillo, Holly Graham, Amy Vanwyngarden and Kimberly Carter, 
Middle; Karen Roper, Cami Cunningham, Bridget Collins, Tamra Trimble, Shelby Holt 
Janet Henderson and Vanessa Davis, Back; Sharon Graham, Sharon 
Lundgren-President, Mary Ann Humphreys, Lara Degenhart, Stacy Sims -VP, Lauren 
Davis and Jennifer Bransom 

Sou' wester 

Mpfia Chi 

Alpha Chi is a national undergraduate scholarship society. Members are 
elected from among the top ten percent of the junior and senior classes. 
Bottom: 1st row- Lisa Flori, Jennifer Giroux (pres.), Kelly Tenley, Craig 
McKinney, Tamra Trimble, 2nd row- Karen Schulze, Kathleen Allen, Scott 
Wagner, Ken Flint, Annette Helmcamp, 3rd row- Ron Chovanec, Trina 
Earles, Karen Meyer, Eric Jensen, 4th row- Shelby Holt, and Amy 


Sou' wester 

Softy Abbot 

Marie-Claire Abelanet 

'Wayne adorns 

Judith Albright 

Kathleen Alien 

Jill Anderson 

Wade Bailey 

Stephanie 'Baker 

'William Water 

Michael Ball 

Martha Barrera 

Steven Bavone 

Robert Bednar 

John Biles 

(glenn Blackwood 

"Xalhan Blaf&lee 

Al Blanco 

•Richard Bledsoe 

Lori Boren 

Silas Brandenberger 

Qina Brannies 

Lea Anne Brimberry 


Jon Brinlcley 


Timothy Brinfgnan 

Juan Brockjnan 

Jift Brown 


James Bujkin 

Susan Busch 

Melenanne Butler 

Angelyque Campbell 

'Donald Campbell 

%amiro Canales 


Abigail Candish 


Craig Carroll 

%findy Cauley 


John. Cheney 


Ronald Chovanec 


Tout Cleveland 


Stuart Colbum 

Catherine Conerly 

Jana Coof^ 


Ionia Cook^ 


Lauren Cox. 


Christina Crouch 


Janet Cummings 


Lauren 'Davis 

'Vanessa Davis 


Taul Decordova 


. Lara Degenfuvt 

Alice Dennis 

Susan Dindot 

Qregory Dobbin 

Susan Donald 

Cherie Dunham 

Jessica Dhipont 

John 'Eagle 

Catherine 'Lades 


Bradford T.pley 

Marc "Ercl^ 

'Heidi Jeigenbaum 

Martha Jillmore 

"Kenneth flint 

John Jorsberger 

Catherine Juller 

(ginger Qaines 

Carol (gollrein 

Leigh (jard 

Jennifer tgirouT^ 

Michelle Qlic{ 

Sou' was 

Din^p Qonzalez 


Taylor (goss 
Molly (graham 
Sharon (graham 
James (grant 
Jeffery Qreathouse 
O^ina (gunther 

Monica (gutierrez 
Ann Mall 
Shannon Mart 
Janet Menderson 
"Wanda Mermes 
'Wendy Moefkg. 
Michael Molan 
Jennifer Moldren 
Karen Molloman 
Meftissa Molt 
Shelby Moll 
Carla Mooter 

Xristine Morion 
Karen Mrdlicka 
Michelle Mudson 
Mary Mumphreys 
Shelly fmmel 
Annete Jacobson 
Angela John 
Matthew Johnson 
Charissa Jones 
Robin Joynes 
Marissa Karstetter 
Qay Kidman 
Mojun Kjtn 
Scott Kpnbrough 
Cherry Kjienk$ 
Monica Kulla^ 
Rpnberly Lewis 
Brian Liekfi 
Amy Logan 
Valerie Lovell 
Laura Ludwig 
Stacey Lynch 
Michael Lysinger 
'Deborah Maschal 
Stephanie Murer 
Jonathan McCormic^ 
Steven McKay 
Molly McKee 
Craig McKjnney 
'Ernest MdHull 
Karen Meyer 
Kimberly Miller 
Cassandra Moore 
Maria Moore 
Sheralyn Molt 
Angela Tfabors 
fvonne 9{evus 
Muong flguyen 
Julie O'Kjtma 
Cynthia Olson 
Timothy 'Painter 
Xochitl "Paredes 
'Honey Tarl^er 
Samara Taysse 
Michael (Pellegrini 
Leslie "Penney 

Steve Terz 
Kris Una Thelps 
'William Tierce 
Angela Tinson 
Kelly Toarth 
Brandon Quarks 
James beeves 
Mary Stilly 
Juan Rats 
Jay Richards 
Lillian Rpbiscn 
Karen Rppr 
Laura Ruyen 
Amanda Ruba 
Sossy Sarikfumian 
Vanessa Schaefer 
Chad Schiffner 
Karen Schulze 
Kiyslin Sheltrown 
Monica Simon 
Lisa Smith 
Christina Sorensen 
Angela Straf ace 
David Suitman 
Karmen Thompson 
Kpnberty Itdwetl 
Ursula lippit 
Margaret Tuler 
Anselmo tlnite 
Amy Vanwyngarden 
Julie Verm 
(genevteve Vkfcety 
Christi VMarreal 
Scott 'Wagner 
Laura 'Waller 
Michael "Wang 
JaneftE "Wertzberger 
David 'Whitson 
Julie 'Wilpur 
Jeffrey "Williams 
Maybtth "Williams 
Richard "Williams 
Laura 'Wilson 
Joyce yarbrough 
Shaista yoosufani 

Lisa Adams 
Debbie Bean 
Sarah Buchanan 
"Pamela Davidson 
Rachel Jenfqm 
Jodie Sieger 

9>{arie Claire Abelanet 
Kevin Adams 
Judy Allbright 
'Erin. Mat 
Kathleen Allen 
Leslie Armsworth 
"Ben Austin. 
Randy 'Bailey 
Steve "Bavone 
Robert Bednar 
John "Biles 
Sharon Birch, 
gknn Blackwood 
Hate "Blakeske 
Al Btanco-Sequeiros 
Richard Bledsoe 
glen 'Braden 
Karen Bradshaui 
Silas 'Brandenberger 
Kimberly Breckpn 
Jon "Brinkky 
Juan Brockmann 
Karin "Broum 
"Bobbi Buffington 
Susan "Busch 
Helenanne 'Butler 
Sarah Calcote 
Angelyque Campbell 
Latisha Campbell 
Ramiro Canaks 
Abigail Candish 
Kimberly Carter 
Beth Chapoton 
Rebecca Cheney 
Michael Chiang 
Ron Chovanec 
Misty Clay 
Quitkrmo Cockrum 
Stuart Colbum 
Ionia Cook, 
Lauren Cox. 
Janet Cummings 
Cami Cunningham- 
Amy Cutrer 
John 'Dapper 
Lauren "Davis 
Julie "Davis 
'Vanessa 'Davis 
Paul Decrdova 
Lara <Degenhart 
Tiara Delamere 
%ff.thleen Delaney 
Alice Dennis 
Susan Dindot 
Trisha Dipprey 
Qreg 'Dobbin 
Susan Donald 
Michelle Dorsey 
Cherie Dunham- 
John. "Eagle 
Trina "Larks 
"Heidi Jeigenbaum 
Cathy fuller 
ginger games 
Carol ' Cfollrein 
Clarence Qerjers 
Michelle qiick. 
Cynthia Olson 
%aren Roper 
Valerie. Satyer 

Dinko gonzalez 
"Elise gonzalez 
Taylor Qoss 
Holly graham 
James grant 
Jeffery greathouse 
"Nina gun t her 
Monica gutierrez 
Susan Hamrk-k. 
Kimberly Money 
Robin "Karris 
Shannon Hart 
Janet Henderson 
Michael Holan 
Jennifer Holdren 
Chris Holland 
"Brian Hollis 
Shelby Holt 
Heather Honig 
Jerry House 
Michelle Hudson 
Mary Ann Humphreys 
Laurie Husmann 
"Eric Jensen 
Angela John 
Robin Joynes 
gay Redman 
Rebecca "Kendall 
Scott Kimbrough 
Ken Kohrs 
gory Kretzschmar 
Melissa Kwan 
Maria Lade 
Denise Lee 
Donna Leggett 
Kim Lewis 
Lee Liedecke 
Jennifer Linton 
"Valerie Lovell 
gus Luna 
Stacy Lunch 
Michael Lysinger 
Debbie Maschal 
Alina Masferrer 
Jon McCormicki 
Kris Mcgoioen 
Ali McKay 
Molly McKee 
Craig McKinney 
Ernest McHutt 
Karen Meyer 
Kim Miller 
Melissa Miller 
Jerri Minshew 
Kirsi Mohney 
Cassandra Moore 
Maria Moore 
Sheralyn Mott 
Lana "Heal 
Joe "Mighiingale 
Steven Otillar 
Scott "Paakkpnen 
Tim "Painter 
Susan "Palms 
Susan "Parker 
Eric Patterson 
Laura Patterson 
Jodie Steger 

Samara Paysse 
Michael Pellegrini 
Steve Perz 
Paige Peters 
Russell Peterson 
Sonja Peterson 
Wdliam Pierce 
Kelly Poarch 
Paul Price 
Piper Pureed 
'Brandon Quarks 
James Reeves 
Mary Rally 
Juan Reus 
David Robinson 
Travis Rp-well 
Laura Runyen 
Joseph Sanchez 
Sossy Sarkhanian 
O^ancy Schlatter 
Susan Schneider 
Raren Schulze 
Alan Shackelford 
Donna Shurky 
Kayla Simons 
Lisa Smith 
Hplan Smith 
Suzanne Stahl 
James Stith 
Henry Stone 
Hobey StTOvm 
David Streitman 
Eric Swartz 
Sally Szuartz 
Stacy Swoboda 
Penni Tankersky 
Kelly Tenley 
Karen Thomas 
Karmen Thompson 
Kimberly Tidwell 
"Ursula Tippit 
Hang Tran 
Tamra Trimbk 
Amy Vanuryngarden 
Valerie Vaughan 
Julie "Uerrett 
Scott "Wagner 
Rjisty Waterman 
Duana Welch 
JaneUe Wertzberger 
Julie West 
Kelky Wetzel 
David Whits on 
Julie Wilbur 
Sean Williams 
Maybeth Williams 
Richard Williams 
Dorthy Wilson 
Carol Woodall 
Jennifer Wrubel 
Michelle Wuest 
Joyce farbrough 
Abdul foosufani 
Shots ta foosufani 

Debbie "Bean 
Pom Davidson 
Janeen Evans 
Shelly Immel 
Honey Jacobson 


Sou' west»r 


Sou' wester 

"Aren't we cute!" exclaim Cally 
Coleman, Bill Alexander and Kim 

Pieter Barendregt vents his 
frustrations in some strange ways. 

Looks like some juicy gossip is 
going down at the KA house 
between Marissa Grillo, Shannon 
Gill and Luraleen Wells. 

It's a bunch of studmuffins on the 
riverwalk during spring break - 
Sarah Espinoza, Marcos Veloz, 
Laura Ludwig, Saul Laredo and 
David Veloz. 


Sou' wester 

San Antonio Mayor, Henry Cisneros 

received an honorary degree from 


President Shilling opening up the 

convocation exercises. 

Amy Furguelle wins a door prize 
from Douq Garrard at Casino night. 
Pink ladies Jan Schultz, Cami 
Cunningham, Kenda Trachta, Stacy 
Lynch, Jennifer Bronsom, Dorita 
Hatchett, Sarah Pressly, Bridgit 
Collins, Judy Manriquez and Lisa 
Johntson- dressed in pink to pay 
tribute to Jan Dawson and Kathleen 

Marilyn Molitorisz, Richard Eason, 
Jeanie Watson and Roger Ballou 
looking at their programs during 


Sou' wester 

The world may be divided into people 
that read, people that tvrite, 
people- that think- and. . . 



Sou' wester 


Dr. Roy B. Shilling 


Sou' wester 


Provost and Dean of the Brown College 
of Arts and Sciences 
G. Benjamin Oliver 

Jeanie Watson - 

Associate Dean for the 
Brown College of Arts and 

Jon David 

Swart -A ssociate Dean for 

Libraries and Learning 


Associate Provost and Dean of 
Fine Arts - Theodore D. Lucas. 

Dean of Students 
Dr. Roger Ballou 

Sou wester 


William B. Jones 
Director of 
Institutional Research 

and Beth Williams 
Senior Secretary of 
Institional Research. 


Front: Betty Knauth-Director of Accounting, Dorothy 
Williams--Sr. Clerk, Susan Mitchell-Executive Secretary, 
Leona Morris-Personal Assistant. Back: Wanda 
Minyard-Sr. Clerk, Carolyn Fagg-Clerk, Jan 
Puskarich-Executive Clerk, Trilla Smith-Sr. Clerk, Eileen 
Jacobs-Sr. Clerk. 

Richard Anderson-comptroller 

Student Life Staff 


Jacquelyn Goodman-Director of Career Planning and Placement, Jane 
Bost-Director of Personal Counseling, Sherry Guyton-Di rector of Health Services 
and Sharon Newman-Senior Secretary 

Don Heins, Asstistant Dean for 
Residence Administration. 

Dorita Hatchett, Director of 
Student Activities 

Douglas Garrard, Head 


Sou' wester 


Left to right: George A. Brightwell-Registrar, Kathleen Todd-Senior Secretary, 
Janice Hestor-Recorder, Charlotte Taylor-Clerk. 

Jan Schultz 
Head Resident 

Sonje B. Johnson-- Director of Scholarships and 
Financial Aid, and Debbie Sanderfer-Execi/f/Ve 

Sou' wester 


Left to Right: (back) Michael Rossman-Associate Director, James Gaeta-Admissions Counselor, (front) John 
Lind-V. P. for Admissions, Karen Franta-Admissions Counselor, Trudy Mohre-Associate Director, Monty 
Curtis-Associate Director. 

Office of the Vice President for University Relations: 

Back: Carmen Kelter-News Bureau Manager, Ann Friou-Director of Communications, 
Joyce Rosenbusch-Supervisor of Alumni Records, (front) Claire Monnell-Senior Clerk,' 
Sharon Turnman-Director of University Events, Debbie Davis-Alumni Office Asssistant! 
Mary Beth Karr-Director of Alumni and Constituent Relations. 

Marilyn Parrott Molitorisz-- 
Vice President for University 

CODY MEMORIAL LIBRARY: Deborah Kramer, John Bigley, Susan Eason,, Jutta 
Sharpe, Norma Assadourian, Bobbie Sigala, Jon Swartz, Joan Parks, Therese 
Olson, Joanna Fountain, Debi Flummer, Katherine Stone. 

John Bigley 

Joanna Fountain 

Sou' wester 


Jon Swartz Associate Dean for Libraries and 

Learning Resources 

Norma Assadourian Reference/Special 

Collections Librarian 

John Bigley Director of Circulation 

Joanna Fountain Director of Technical Services 

Deborah Kramer Acquisitions Librarian 

Joan Parks Reference Librarian 

Judith Thompson Cataloging Librarian 

Jutta Sharpe Director of Periodicals 

Katherine Stone Assistant Cataloger/Assistant in 

Archives and Special Collections 

Bobbie Sigala Senior Secretary 

Theresa Chikildin Senior Clerk 

Linda Collings Senior Clerk, 

Technical Services 

Drucilla Edrington Senior Clerk, 

Reference Services 

Debi Flummer Clerk, Periodicals 

Alice Grapski Clerk, Technical Services 

Mary Grapski Senior Clerk, Circulation 

Amy McCollough Clerk, Periodicals 

Zanna Powell Clerk, Circulation 

Helen Seeley Clerk, Periodicals 

Sue Starkey Clerk, Exhibits 

<V> ^; <? » £ll A 

Back row: Kitty Brown, Eric Swartz, Dinko Gonzalez, Gary Kretzchmar, Enrique Brockmann, Susan Parker, 
Esther Wong. Front row: Frank Salinas, Pat Eitenbichler, Abdul Yoosvfani, Angela Lunsford, Stacy Flood, and 
Dr. Robert A. Horick, Coordinator of Academic Computing. 


l-r, Barbara Bieless- Executive Clerk, Robert 
Radford- Operator/Programmer, Pam Crafen- 
Executive Secretary, Harold Eidson, Jr.- Director 
of Computer Services 





Paul Upthegrove and Donald Caraway not 
pictured are Edward Kalwunn, Victor 
Mahagan and James Trefftz 


Sou' wester 


Dorothy Secor 
Executive Secretary 
Dean of Arts and 

Christiana Pickard 
Executive Secretary 
Dean of Students 

Norma Augierre Shaw 

Executive Secretary 

Office of the President 

Francie Schoeder 



Office of the President 

Faye Graham 
Senior Executive 


Jan Nowlin 
Senior Executive 

Doris Proctor 
Executive Secretary 
Dean of Fine Arts 

Les Layman-Commons Food 

' Mood-Heritage Museum: 
Edmund Steelman-Curator 
and Judson Custer-Director 


Sou' wester 


Ken Chambers and 

Larry Connell-Manager 

Verine Mueller-Clerk, Fay 
Hubbard- Sr. Clerk and 
Kenneth Chambers- Sr. 

SUB Food Service Crew 



The A. Frank Smith Jr. Library 

■I li^lBilS 

■a » ,1 ■■ ■■ I" !| 
■I H II H H H 

1 1 II ■■ I ■ 


Southwestern University formally 
dedicated the $6.5 million addition to 
its library on Thursday, October 13, 
recognizing several prominent 
Texans who made the expansion 

The library dedication included an 
11 a.m. academic convocation in Lois 
Perkins Chapel. Speakers were Dr. 
Gwen Neville, holder of the Elizabeth 
Root Padden Chair in Sociology, 
Southwestern University President 
Dr. Roy B. Schilling, Jr., and 
representatives of the Cullen 
Foundation, which provided major 
support for the project. A 
ribbon-cutting ceremony on the 
steps of the library followed the 

The library addition, named "A. 
Frank Smith, Jr. Library Center," 
doubles the size of the library and will 
enable Southwestern to expand its 
acquisitions from the current 
190,000 volumes to 270,000- 
300,000 volumes. In addition to new 
books and seating space, the 
building contains classrooms, a 
media center, an enlarged music 
library, an expanded language lab, 
the academic computing center and a 
student lounge. Renovated space in 


the Cody Memorial Library portion of 
the Center will hold the archives of 
former Senator and Ambassador 
John Tower of Dallas. 

The library expansion also includes 
a $500,000 project to install a state of 
the art automated library system. 
Patron access, both within the library 
and through remote computers, will 
be possible to the library's 
collections, as well as to off-campus 
information storage and retrieval 
systems. The contract negotiated 
with Dynix Corp. provides for an 
automated patron access catalog, 
circulation system, and remote dial-in 
capability. The university now has in 
place in place one of the most 
sophisticated and complete 
automated library systems of 
undergraduate institutions in the 

The new library complex was 
named in honor of A. Frank Smith, Jr. 
of Houston. Smith is a distinguished 
trustee of Southwestern for many 
years and was chairman of the board 
from 1977-1987. At the suggestion 
of the directors of the Cullen 
Foundation and the Cullen Trust 
Fund for Higher Education- two 
Houston foundations which 

Sou' wester 

contributed over half of the library 
facility- University trustees elected to 
name this complex in honor of Smith 
for his years of devoted service to the 

Smith was given an honorary 
doctor of laws degree at 
Southwestern in 1976 and the 
Distinguished Alumnus Award in 

The original Cody Memorial Library 
remains a vital part of the complex 
and currently houses the University's 
special collections, including the 
Edward A. Clark Texan Collection and 
the J.Frank Dobie and Bertha McKee 
Dobie Collections. 

"Completion of the A. Frank Smith, 
Jr. Library Center represents a 
commitment on the part of the 
University and its many friends to 
providing an education of the highest 
caliber. We are extremely gratified by 
the generosity and support we have 
received for the library. This level of 
commitment is particularly significant 
in the troubled Texas economy," said 
President Schilling. 

The new library construction and 
renovation was designed by the 
national architectural firm of 
Skidmore, Owings, and Merrill, who 
also designed the university's award 
winning campus master plan. 

U.S. News Ranks SU as Number One 

U.S. New ranks Southwestern 
No. 1. A nationwide study 
published by U.S. News and World 
Report ranks SU the best of the 
nation's 418 regional liberal arts 
universities. The ranking appears in 
a new special report titled 
"America's Best Colleges", in the 
October 6, 1988 issue. 
Southwestern is one of only three 
Texas institutions to be ranked in 
the survey, and one of only 133 
nationwide to be included in the 
report. ^_^^___ 

A similar study by U.S.News last 
year drew fire from universities 
across the nation who criticized the 
magazine for basing its ranking on 
purely subjective criteria. This year, 
the magazine made major changes 
in the way it collects and evaluates 
the data that is uses to compile the 
annual ranking of American college 
presidents, academic deans, 
admissions directions and objective 
statistical data obtained from the 
College Board. 

The colleges and universities 
represented in the special report 
were ranked on their records in four, 
and in some cases five critical 
academic areas: strength of the 
faculty and teaching, extent of 
resources, ability to retain students 
through graduation and reputation 
for academic excellence. In all but 
one area, U.S. News used objective 
data to quantify a school's 

Southwestern Creates a Program to Benefit 
Multiple Cultures 

On February 1, 1989, Dr. 
Gregory Washington became 
Southwestern University's 
premier Director of 
Multicultural Affairs. The 
Duties of this office entail 
counseling and supporting, 
both academically and 
personally, the various 
minority and foreign students 
on campus. 

Dr. Washington entered 
this program with several 
goals in mind, including 
increasing Southwestern's 
awareness of the changing 
needs of minorities. He plans 

to meet with representatives 
from Ebony, The Hispanic 
Awareness Society, The 
International Club and other 
minority groups on campus to 
ensure that the individual 
needs of minorities and 
foreign students are met. 

This new program should 
aid the foreign students in 
adapting to the changes 
involved to Southwestern, the 
students receive a letter 
explaining Dr. Washington's 
program, certain details about 
Southwestern, Georgetown, 
and the climate of Texas. The 

students also receive a list of 
community leaders in 
Georgetown and Austin of 
their same ethnic origin. 

The future goals of 
Southwestern's newest 
progressive program are to 
ensure the campus' 
awareness of minority and 
foreign student's cultures and 
to help the foreign students to 
adjust to a new culture. Dr. 
Washington saw a need for 
Anglo students to be exposed 
to a larger number of minority 
students because in today's 
world it is a necessity to know 
how to work with people form 
other countries or a different 
ethnic background. 

At left are some of Su's 
international students, l-r, back; are 
Enrique Brockman, Guillermo 
Cockrum, two visiting German 
Students, front; Dinko Gonzalez 
and Frank Salinas. 

Sou' wester 

Cullen Clark is seen here 
surrounded by her doting admirers 
Kevin McKinney, Mike Dizdar, 
Mark Easterly, and Mike Hunsen. 

Leslie Armsworth, Beverly Ell i lot, 
and Cile Spelce are looking their 
best here as they prepare for 


Sou' wesTer 

It's "the cool ones"--Brent 
Metschan, Pagogh Cho, and Clark 

Jennifer Blume, a 60's leftover, 
flashes the peace sign while Trina 
Earles and Jenny Morrison sit 

Justin Elmore, Chris Hopkins, 
Cathy Degnan, and George 
Boudreau show that Robert 
Fulgham's cliche--"and it's still 
true, no matter how old you are, 
when you go out into the world, it 
is best to hold hands and stick 
together"--still "holds" true. 




j § 


And there spread out before 

the students 

Cay vast treasures in profusion 

and it was each other. 



Sou' wester 

Past Images 

Lt. Jeff Bennett on the phone, Chris Plumee undergoing yet 
after returning from his secret another experience in culinary 
tomato mission. ecstasy at the commons. 

Don Earles, a captain of the 
Lacrosse team- enough said. 

Amanda Ryba, Robert Usrey, and 
Aurora Mignosa during a costume 
party at Apple Creek Apartments. 

Pam Broman and Adam Haughey, 
"Why is the water getting 

Janis Marie Abel 

Architectural Studies, Houston 
Marie-Claire Abelanet 
Mathematics, Irving 
Stephanie Baker 
Mathematics, Slaton 
Barry C. Bain 

Computer Science, Portland 
Martha Barrera 
Biology, Newport, Rl 
Steven Bavone 
Chemistry, Oak Park, IL 

Patrick Damon Berry 

Political Science, Georgetown 
Roland Karl Brand 
Chemistry, The Woodlands 
Silas Brandenberger 
Music, Mason 
Ellen Janice Breaux 
Psychology, Fort Worth 
Timothy J Brinkman 
Biology, Pearland 
Pamela Lynn Broman 
Biology, Dickinson 

Karin Suzanne Brown 

Business/German, Houston 
James Bufkin 
Business, Alvin 
Brenda Lou Burton 
Theatre, Jacksonville 
Kathryn Jo Callaway 
Music Ed, McAllen 
Latisha A. Campbell 
History, Mt. Vernon 
Evelyn Amanda Carter 
Psychology, Georgetown 

Beth L. Chapoton 

English/Elem. Ed., Piano 

John Jay Cheyney 

Biology, Hooks 

Tasha Clark 

Art, Katy 

Jana Lynn Cook 

Biology, Vernon 

Douglas Clarkson Cornwell 

Political Science, Waco 

Carta Janine Crowe 

Theatre, Corpus Christi 

Men Cami Cunningham 

Mathematics, Oklahoma City, OK 
Lara A. Degenhart 
Political, Science, Alice 
Susan Melissa Dindot 
Chemistry/Biology, Conroe 
Patrick Paul Eitenbichler 
Religion/Business Adm. , 
Kaufbeuren, West Germany 
Robert Sterling Elliott, Jr. 
Business, Stephenville 
Lai Jean Eng 
Biology, San Antonio 

Kenneth Flint 

History, Tempe, AZ 
Stacy Michelle Flood 
English, Temple 
Lisa Colleen Flori 
Fine Arts, Garland 
Kris Friesenhahn 
Elementary Ed., Knippa 
Leslee Fulbright 
Elementary Ed., Hebbronville 

Edward A. Galloway I: 

History, Conroe Sou ' wes,e 

Dora Angelica Garcia 

Accounting, San Antonio 

Sydney Catherine Gary 

Biology, Bowie 

Maria Geiabert 

Chemistry/Physics, Houston 

Jill George 

Psychology, Graham 

Elizabeth Anne Gibson 

History, Atlanta 

Stephanie E. Gimenez 

Art, Houston 

Jennifer Giroux 

Psychology/Music, Huntsville 

Michelle R. Glick 

Business, Houston 

Holly Jean Graham 

Elementary Ed., Hunt 

Marisa Isabel Grillo 

Economics/French, Houston 

It's a circle of friends; Sydney 
Gary, Angela Asher, David 
Vanderstraten, Mike Hsiao, Pam 
Broman and Susan Dindot. 

Cami Cunningham at the top of 
Ayer's Rock in the Northern 
territory outback of Australia. 

Monica Gutierrez 

Business, Mexico City, Mexico 

Emily Wynne Haemisegger 

Education, Houston 

Linda Jean Hall 

Business, Crockett 

Byron A. Hamilton 

Mathematics, Houston 

Cara Dedear Hamilton 

Physical Ed./Special Ed, 
April Hampton 
Political Science, Houston 
Donna Gayle Hastings 
Biology, Lubbock 
Adam Joseph Haughey 
Biology, Uvalde 
Philip Henry 
Architectural Studies, Austin 

Kimberly Anne Herbert 

Political Science, Houston 
Sheila Dianne Hobratschk 
Accounting, Littlefield 
Jerry Franklin House, Jr. 
Music, Liberty 
Michelle Hudson 
Economics, Corpus Christi 

Donna Joyce Hunt 

History, Taft 

Kris McGowen, Tasha Clark and 
Ernie McNutt celebrate the 
marriage of a friend by doing the 
cotten eye joe. 

Scott Shear, Jon Kennedy and 
Amanda Carter are dressed and 
ready for a night at Amnesia's, 
($5- and all you can drink.) 

Penny and Wes 
Georgetown Lake. 

Warren in 

Anna Lisa Johnston 

Elementary, Ed., Austin 
Patricia Anna Jaramillo 
Political Science, Odessa 
Jana Jordon 

Communication, Dripping Springs 
Susan Ann Karas 
Communication, Austin 

Sou' wester 

James Stith and Steve 

Bavone took on this expert 

mountain in Colorado over Karen Turner and Matt Motes 

spring break. indulge in the delicacies of 

Michelle Wuest and Gina beer and donuts early Sunday 

Brannies enjoyed study morning as they wait for KA 

breaking at Possum. promisees. 


Tonia Cook and Stephanie 
Gimenez are all smiles after 
putting out their first issue of 
the Megaphone. 

Donna Hastings and Maria 
Gelabert pose in the DZ 
chapter room. 

Trisha Jaramillo, who is now a 
member of SU's Board of 
Trustees, and Mike Chiang 
flash more cheesy grins at the 
KS Christmas party. 

Cherry Ann Krienke 

Biology, Round Rock 

Danna Lynne Leggett 

Elementary Ed. /Special Ed., 


Monica Letts 

Political Science, Georgetown 

Valerie Anne Lovell 

Elementary Ed., 

Schaumburg, IL 

Stephen Lucas 

Business, Georgetown 

Sharon Renee Lungren 

Psychology, Wiesbaden, 

West Germany 

Michael James Lysinger 

Music Education, San Antonio 

Melissa McDaniel 

Theatre, Little Rock, AR 

Dwayne Battis Mcfarland 

Business/Theatre, Houston 

Ernest Paul McNutt 

Sociology, Rosenberg 

Elizabeth Anne Meadows 

Music Ed., Carrizo Springs 

Laura Kay Michulka 

Business, Buna 

.)Ou wi.'ster 

Daniel P. Middleton 

International Studies, Austin 
Aurora M. Mignosa 
Psychology, Waco 
Kimberly Michelle Miller 
Elementary EdJSpecial Ed., 
Richardson, Tx. 
Karen Lynn O'Neal 
Accounting, Marble Falls 

Susan J. Parker 

Accounting, Monahans 
Ursula D. Paynes 
Accounting, Detroit, Ml 
Leslie David Penney 
Business, Houston 
Brandine Powell 
Accounting, Coconut Creek, FL 

Sarah Lee Pressly 

Psychology, San Antonio 
Victoria Lynn Prinster 
Elementary Ed., Houston 
Gregg Proctor 
Business, The Woodlands 
Piper Purell 
Sociology/History, Atlanta 

Leeanne Richardson 

International Studies, Austin 
Karen Lyn Roper 
Psychology, Houston 
Lisl Marie Schweers 
International Studies, Ardmore, OK 
Shari Kay Schwinger 
Psychology/Physical Ed., Houston 


Psychology, Houston 
Stacey Sims 

Music Education, Georgetown 
Lana Nanette Stanley 
Political Science, Arlington 
Adam Douglas Stewart 
Marketing, Maple Rapids, Ml 

David Sulkowski 

Business, Houston 
Eric Jason Swartz 

Computer Science, Georgetown 
Stacy Ann Swoboda 

Physical Ed./Psychology, Victoria 

Palmira Testa 

Biology, Houston 


Sou' wester 

Rebecca Wilson 

Biology, Dallas 

Shelly Witler 

Economics, Lockhart 

Esther Al Huey Wong 

Computer Sci./Mathematics, 


Derek Allen Young 

International Studies, Austin 

Sou' wester 

Silas Brandenberger, will he be 
America's future Eric Clapton? 

Amanda Carter enjoys 
Georgetown's sunny days by 
cruising in her convertible. 

Newly wedded and newly 
graduated are Margaret Tyler and 
Scott Pass. 

Wendy Helburn and Mary say 
"We just want to pump you up." 

Karin Brown and Alley Dodge cool 
off on the veranda during the "3rd 
Language Concert." 

Boots Elliot and Teddy Turner were 
avid supporters of SU's nationally 
ranked volleyball team. 

Beth Chapoton and Kelly Tenley try 
their hand at domestic duties. 

Derek Young is seen reading to a 
youngster in Costa Rica where he 
was a volunteer with the Methodist 

Sheri Stice and Laura Williams 
enjoyed spending time on the 
Riverwalk in San Antonio. 

Sou 1 wester 


Beau Villemain cuddles with a 
kitten while taking a study break. 

Steve Smith offers a piece of 
enlightening philosophic advice. 

Elvis and Jesus live, or are at least 
portrayed by John Heath and Lance 
Ball for Halloween. 

Enjoying a windy day at SU are 
Suzi Wallace, and Felecia 

Liz Holland and Julie Branch 
enjoyed the out door picnic/ 
battle of the bands day. 

Sou' wester 


First Floor Kurth. Back row: Robin Joynes, Suzanne Theoni, Beth Perkins. Jennifer Bigaers, Gina Gunn. Julie O'Kume, 
Maria Moore. Melissa Jones. Paige Bonner. Karen Bradshaw. Middle row: Georaianne Hewett, Casi Chamberlain, 
Missy Miller, Cathy Aiton, Amy Briscoe, Angie John, Cathey Fuller, Kelli Holloway. Front row: Karen Hidlicke, Beth Allison. 
Kate Miller, Heather Goynes and Janey Zameski. 

Lisa Marie Abell 

FR, Business. Houston 

Victor Acepcion, III 

SO, Accounting, Kingsville 

Judy Albright 

SO, Elem. Ed., Houston 

Lori Allbright 

JR, English, Mat his 

Erin Marie Allen 

SO, Psychology, Austin 

Kathleen Allen 

JR, Math, Galveston 

Beth Allison 

FR, undecided, Sulphur Springs 

Jill Anderson 

FR, Elem. Ed., Houston 

Jana Louese Aronson 

SO, Elem. Ed., Houston 

Diana Ashe 

FR, English, Grapevine 

Traci Ann Astolfo 

SO, Elem. Ed., Houston 

Martha Atkins 

SO, Psychology, Taylor 

Ben P. Austin 

JR, Business, Houston 

Pema Baca 

SO, Sociology, El Paso 

Randy Bailey 

FR, Business, Galveston 

Raphael A. Baranco 

JR, Business, Lafayette 

Ignacio Barbero 

FR, Business, Dallas 

Pieter Barendregt 

FR, Business, Rotterdam, Netherland 

Roxanne Barnes 

SO, Int'l Studies, Cincinnati, OH 

Fred B. Barrera, III 

SO, Am. Studies, Round Rock 

Lori L. Baur 

SO, Psychology, Elk Grove, IL 

Andrew Benton 

FR, Pol. Sci., Katy 

Deirdre Bernard 

SO, Economics, Amarillo 

Nestor Berrocal 

SO, Bus. Admin., Panama 


John Walters Biles 

FR, Accounting, Midland 

Sharon Birch 

Jr, Sociology, Huntsville 

Amy Beth Blake 

FR, Music/ Theatre 

Alberto Blanco 

FR, Physics, New York, NY 

Tammy Bland 

SO, Psychology Longview 

Richard B. Bledsoe 

SO, Business, Jasper 

Eric Boyt 

FR, Ace, Midland 

Doston Bradley 

FR, Ace, Houston 

Hiawatha Bradley 

FR, Communications, 

Sacramento, CA 

Karen Bradshaw 

FR, undecided, Dallas 

Julie Branch 

FR, Biology, Missouri City 

William Branch 

JR, History, Victoria 

Garret Shamp Brandt 

SO, Accounting, Aspen, CO 

Biff Brannon 

FR, undecided, Houston 

Jennifer Bransom 

JR, English, Pearland 

Kimberly W. Breckon 

JR, Theatre, Houston 

Kelli Bremer 

So, Psychology, Beeville 

Mary Gere Bridger 

JR, Eng/His., Houston 

Lea A. Brimberry 

JR, Int'l Studies, Victoria 

Cynthia Brink 

JR, Art, Arlington 

Jon F. Brinkley 

SO, Pol. Sci., Austin 

Amy Briscoe 

FR, Biology, Clear Lake, 

J. Enrique Brockman 

JR, Computer Sci., 


Barry Broeckelmann 

FR. Riisiness. Houston 


Jody Browder 

SO, English, Lexington 

Jill Brown 

JR, Comm., Katy 

Julie Marie Brown 

FR, Spanish, Houston 

Shawn Brown 

FR, Int'l Studies, Denison 

Laura E. Brusch 

JR, History, San Antonio 

Suzanne Bryant 

SO, Chem/Psychology, Midland 

Todd Wilson Bryant 

SO, undecided, Houston 

Laura Budgett 

JR, Am. Studies, Missouri City 

Scott Burkey 

SO, Biology, San Antonio 

Susan Busch 

SO, Music Ed., Spring 

Helenanne Butler 

SO, Int'l Studies, Dickinson 

Dorothy Caldwell 

FR, undecided, Irving 

Kris Callahan 

FR, undecided, San Antonio 

Melissa Callihan 

FR, English, Luling 

Angelyque Campbell 

FR, Comm., Houston 

Ramiro Canales 

SO, Int'l Studies, S-inta Rosa 

Abigail Candish 

JR, Pol. Sci., Clearlake 

Suzanne Capps 

FR, Psy/Education, Houston 

Geoff Carpenter 

FR, undecided, Kingwood 

Meghan Carroll 

SO, undecided, Inverness 

Christina Carter 

FR, Biology, Arlington 

Kimberly Carter 

JR, Philosophy, Lufkin 

Joe Case 

SO, Bus./ Psychology, Hobbs, NM 

Randy Cauley 

FR, Psy/ Computer Sci., Cameron 


Sou' we^'er 

Casi Chamberlain 

FR, Chemistry, Trinity 

June Chen 

SO, Chemistry, Austin 

Rebecca Cheney 

SO, Art, Waxahachie 

Yaravi Chhith 

SO, undecided, 

Bloomington, MN 

Pagogh Cho 

FR, Biology, Houston 

Ron Chovanec 

SO, Accounting, Houston 

Cullen Clark 

FR, undecided, Beaumont 

Guillermo Cockrum 

SO, Eco/Math, Solvang, CA 

Stuart Colbur 

SO, Accounting, Houston 

Cally Coleman 

JR, Business, Victoria 

Bridget Collins 

JR, Biology, Scottsdale, AZ 

Catherine Conerly 

SO, Psychology, Houston 

Kelly Conrad 

FR, Psychology, Houston 

Teresa Coplen 

FR, Music, Houston 

Brian Coughlin 

FR, Comm., Galveston 

Nicole Cowan 

FR, Pol. Sci., Friendswood 

Lauren Cox 

FR, undecided, Arlington 

Scott Cox 

FR, Theater, Portland 

Alexandro Criado 

FR, Pol. Sci., Ft. Worth 


FR, undecided, Corpus Christi 

John Dapper 

SO, Pol, Sci., Austin 

Rob Darrah 

SO, Psychology, Dallas 

M. Lee Davis 

SO, History, Ft. Worth 

Vanessa Davis 

SO, Eng./History, Midland 



First Mabee. Front row: Lynn* McCreary. Becky Borjas, Karmen Thompson, Amy Reif, Karen Gott . Middle row: Dundee Lackey, 
Karen Holloman, Lisa lohnston, Shanna Delany. Back row: Debbie Vofker, Melissa, Angela Straface, Susan Garza, Sheri Schwinger, 
Jennifer Cunningham. 


"Oh, give me some tongue," plead Jill 
Miller and Dorothy Caldwell. 

Willy Thoeni, giving his opinion on 
Swiss Miss Coco. 


Monica Simon flashes a peace 
sign while hugging her fiend 
Karen Hrdlicka 


Prince Rahman and Julie O'Kuma 
enjoyed Marriott's outdoor picnic. 


Obviously we need to stay away 
from Courtney Franks when she 
decides to relieve tension. 


Sou' wester ! 


Derek Dickens 

FR, Pol. Sci., Ovilla 

David Dickie 

SO, Bus./Comm., 

Kensington MD. 

Nicholas DeLaRosa III 

JR, Theater, Del Rio 

Marissa DeLeon 

FR, undecided. Mission 

Cathy Degnan 

SO, Music, Dallas 
Jill Dennis 

FR, Spanish, Bedford 

Deanna Devine 

JR, Business, Irving 

John Doenges 

FR, Chemistry, Austin 

Heath Dollar 

FR, Pol. Sci., Ft. Worth 

Susan Donald 

SO, Special Ed., Kerrville 

James Doyle 

FR, undecided, Houston 

Jennie Doyle 

SO, Comm. /English, 

San Antonio 

Lisa Dreishmire 

SO, Psychology, Piano, IL 

Gary Dugan 

SO, Accounting, San Antonio 

Catherine Earles 

SO, Chemistry, Concord, MA 

John Eagle III 

FR, Accounting, Andice 

Margaret Edges 

FR, undecided, San Antonio 

Traci Elliott 

SO, Psychology, Muleshoe 

Katheryn Ellis 

SO, Psychology, Mission 

Bradford Epley 

SO, Chemistry, Amarillo 

Martie Erwin 

FR, Music, Dallas 

Michelle Espinosa 

FR, His/Pol. Sci., Edinburg 

Sarah Espinoza 

JR, Music Ed., Kansas City, KS 

Kimberly Essary 

FR, undecided, Houston 

Sou' wester 



Sandra Estrada 

FR, Psychology, Mission 

Emily Etie 

FR, undecided, Arlington 

Jill Fariss 

SO, undecided, Austin 

David Fiahlo 

FR, undecided, Ft. Worth 

Candace Finan 

FR, undecided, Austin 

Diane Finley 

SO, Bern. Ed., Bellville 

Mindee Flowers 

FR, undecided, Miami 

Mike Frontz 

SO, Chemistry, Beeville 

Lara Fry 

FR, Theatre, San Marcos 

Catherine Fuller 

SO, Biology .Sugar Land 

Amy Furgiuele 

FR, Pol. Sci., Davis, CA 

Carol Garcia 

SO, Elem. Ed., Round Rock 

Leigh Gard 

SO, Pol. Sci., Galveston 

Michael Gardner 

SO, Pol. Sci., San Antonio 

Robert <*; a rrett 

FR, Music, Houston 

Dani Gazarek 

SO, Int 7 Studies, Scottsdale, AZ 

Clarence Gerfers, III 

FR, Pol. Sci., San Antonio 

Benjamin Giese 

FR, undecided, Nursery 

Shannon Gill 

JR, Sociology, San Antonio 

Leslie Goldsmith 

FR, undecided, Alvin 

Dinko Gonzalez 

JR, Physics, Santiago, Chile 

Elise Gonzalez 

SO, Chemistry, Mission 

Lewis Goss 

JR, Physics, Dayton 

Heather Goynes 

FR, Infl Studies, Katy 


Sou' w-jster 

Scott Herlihy laughs at his past-out pal 
Patrick Murphy 

Lyanne Robison procrastinates by 
walking a dog 

"Most excellent"- it's David Robinson 

Third HB: Laurie Ott, Tammy Bland, Felicia Leonard June Chen. Jessica DuPont. Ashlie Simecek. Steve McKav, Kimbra Boon, Bill Bowman, 
Debbie Maschel, Sarah Calcote, John Lutyr, Laura Vinas, Julie Wilbur. Renee Preiss. Shervl Hardt. and Kendra Trachta. 

Second Mabee. Back row: Liza Harris, Wanda Hermes, Kelly Tenley, Leigh Gard, Beth Cobb Ann Stephens, Wary Ann Navikas, 
Darla Walker. Front row: Shannon Hart, Shelly Immel, DeAnna Schneider, Becky Kendall, Cathy Hendren, Jennifer Giroux, and Sharon Birch. 

Second HB: Will Branch, Mike Halden, Pat Choi, Shawn Parsley, Dwayne Ham, Jaysn Jameson and Shaun Kretzshmar. 


Sharon Graham 

JR, Bern. Ed., Midland 

Karen Gratke 

SO, Elem. Ed., Arlington 

Jeffery Greathouse 

FR, undecided, San Antonio 

Alison Green 

JR, English, Houston 

Sarah D. Greenwood 

SO, Biology, Grapevine 

Pondarosia C. Griggs 

JR, Business, Crosby 

Keith Guehring 

SO, Art, Bellaire 


FR, Elem. Ed., Round Rock 

Nina Gunther 

SO, English, Gaithersburg, MD 

Ann Guy 

SO, Business, San Antonio 

Nancy Hageland 

SO, Business, Tomball 

Dwayne Ham 

JR, Biology, Uvalde 

Lance Hampton 

FR, Math/Chem., El Paso 

Steven Hardie 

JR, Am. Studies, Farmers Branch 

Sheryl Hardt 

SO, Math, Waco 

Jennifer Harper 

FR., undecided, Houston 

Catherine Harris 

FR, undecided, Canadian 
Liza Harris 

SO, Business, Benton, MS 
Robin Harris 
SO, undecided, Houston 
Shannon Hart 
JR, Sociology, Huntsville 

Tina Hebert 

SO, Computer Sci., Dallas 

Annette Helmcamp 

JR, Psychology, Buffalo 

Karen Helmers 

FR, Psychology, San Antonio 

Janet Henderson 

SO, Accounting, Houston 

Catherine Hendren 

SO, Pol. Sci., Houston 

Wanda Hermes 

JR, Business, Hallettsville 

Elizabeth Herttenberger 

FR, Biology, Irving 

Georgianne Hewett 

JR, Art, Freeport 

Susan Hiebert 

FR, Math, Bryan 

Harry Hill 

JR, Music Ed., Dallas 

Pamela Hingst 

SO, Psychology, Hurst 

Elizabeth Holland 

FR, Business, Austin 

Meme Holland 

FR, Business, Austin 

Brian Hollis 

FR, Theatre, Orange 

Karen Holloman 

JR, Sociology, Houston 

Kelli Holloway 

FR, Business, Shrevepon, LA 

Heather Honig 

FR, Psychology, Houston 

Karen Hrdlicka 

FR, undecided, Hot Springs, AK 

Jennifer Hritz 

FR, English, Lake Jackson 

Mike Hsiao 

JR, Chemistry, Buffalo Grove, IL 

Melissa Hudson 

JR, Math, Springtown 

Rachel Hughes 

FR, History, Tomball 

Mary Ann Humphreys 

JR, Psychology, Houston 

Laurie Husmann 

SO, undecided, Houston 

Jeff iezzi 

SO, Philosophy, Houston 

Shelly Immel 

JR, Sociology/German, Llano 

Paula Jackson 

Fr, Accounting, Austin 

Jaysn Jameson 

JR, Chemistry, Early 



Kenda Jameson 

FR, Chemistry, Early 

Magdeline Jaramillo 

JR, Chemistry, Odessa 

Kelly Jarrell 

FR, Psychology, San Antonio 

Angela John 

FR, undecided, Baytown 

Christine Jones 

SO, Business, Round Rock 

Jill Jones 

SO, Intern'l Studies, Edcouch 

Robin Joynes 

FR, undecided, Houston 

Jerry Juarez 

FR, undecided, Presidio 

Claire Judkins 

FR, Communications, Houston 

Allison Kearney 

SO, Elem. Ed., Montrose, CO 

Gay Keilman 

SO, Chemistry, Pflugerville 

Kristin Kennedy 

FR, Pol. Sci., Phoenix, AZ 

Laura Kimball 

JR, Accounting, Houston 

Heather L. Kissinger 

SO, BusJFrench, Houston 

Kristi Koenig 

FR, Elem. Ed., Layton, Utah 

John Kotarski 

FR, Pol. Sci., Spring 

Gary Kretzschmar 

FR, Business, Pearsall 
Shaun Kretzschmar 
JR, Chemistry, Pearsall 
Pamela Krikorian 
FR, undecided, Conrce 
Connie Kruegar 
JR, Computer Sci., Hutto 

Melissa Kwan 

SO, Elem. Ed., San Antonio 

Dundee Lackey 

SO, Eng./Theater, Taft 

Gator Lane 

FR, undecided, Lewisville 

Dayna Laster 

SO, Business, Dallas 

Sou' wester 

Denise Lee 

FR, undecided, Bryan 

Melinda Lee 

FR, Theater, New Braunfels 

Seon Lee 

FR, Math, Glendale, CA 

Kristin Lelvis 

JR, English, Houston 

Kim Anne Lewis 

JR, Psychology, Amarillo 

Johanna Leyva 

SO, undecided, Houston 

Lee Liedecke 

SO, Inf I Studies, Round Rock 

Dorothy Light 

FR, Education, Dallas 

Robert Linhart 

SO, Music Ed., Houston 

Clinton Lively 

SO, Philosophy, Arlington 

Pamela Lohec 

FR, undecided, Galveston 

Jack Long 

JR, Am. Studies 

Patricia Loughran 

SO, Chemistry, Spring 

Natalie Lucas 

JR, Business, Dallas 

Gustavo Luna 

JR, Business, San Antonio 

John Lutz 

FR, Pol. Sci., Amarillo 

Stacey Lynch 

JR, History, Friendswood 

Monica Maldonado 

FR, Psychology, San Antonio 

Brigid Malek 

SO, Theater, Cypress 

Holly Marshall 

JR, History, Scottsdale, AZ 

Patrick Martin 

JR, Music, Spring 

Caroline Marlon 

FR, English, Amarillo, 

Alina Masferrer 

FR, Bus./Spanish, Carrollton 

Melissa Maurer 

SO, Economics, Edinburg 

First LK West. Front row: Rebecca Paley, Mallie Moss, Palmira Testa, Lai Eng, Bridget Collins, 
Jennifer Bransom. Back row: Jill Brown, Donna Hastings, Tonia Cook and Cami Cunningham.' 

Second Mabee. Front row: Anthe Safos, Johanna Legra, Brigid Malek and Mr. Cow 
Back row: Alison Green, Katie McDowell, Laura Kimball, Monica Zorrilla, Gena Watson 
Anne Moses and Lisa Dreshmire. 

Second LK East. Top to bottom: Sandra Estrada, Christi Piatt, Michelle Espinosa, 
Veronica Rogers, Mary Ann Humphreys, Kayla Simons, HeatherTreter, Melanie Williams 
Pam Krikonan, Roxanne Barnes, Dorothy Light, Elizabeth Holland, Kathy Zych, 
Jean Williams. Bottom row: Angela Sparls.Alexis Milam, Dorothy Caldwell, Jill Miller 
Beth Herttenberger, Pam Lohec and Ali McKay. 

Warped at the turnpike are Garret 
Brandt, Joe Case, Brad Weselman, 
Fred Barrera, and Mike Frontz. 

Karen Shulze excited throws up her 
arms after bowling a strike. 


Stefanie Maurer 

FR, Elem. Ed., Houston 

Chip May 

FR, Business, Houston 

Rodney Mayerhoff 

FR, Chemistry, Victoria 

Thomas Mayo 

FR, Business, Baytown 

Brett McClung 

JR, Business, San Antonio 

Jonathan McCormick 

FR, undecided, Round Rock 

Lynne McCreary 

SO, Theater, Houston 

Julia McElreath 

SO, Psychology, Houston 

Ali McKay 

FR, Education, The Woodlands 

Steven McKay 

FR, Biology, Amarillo 

Craig McKinney 

SO, English, Piano 

Kevin McKinney 

FR, undecided, Piano 

Kevin McMahon 

FR, Business, Houston 

Karen Meyer 

SO, Business, Lakewood, CO 

Alexis Milam 

FR, undecided, Houston 

Jill Miller 

FR, Biology, Irving 

Kate Miller 

FR, undecided, Sulphur Springs 

Marsha Miller 

FR, Business, Georgetown 

Melissa Miller 

SO, EnglTheater, Missouri City 

Steve Min 

JR, Bio/Chem, Edmond, OK 

Stephanie Molnar 

FR, English, Houston 

Cassandra Moore 

FR, undecided, Houston 

Maria Moore 

FR, Business, Richmond 

Gavin Morgan 

SO, Sociology, Katy 


Stephanie Murff 

SO, Int'l Studies, Waco 

Angela Nabors 

FR, Computer Sci., Raleigh, NC 

Maryanne Navickas 

SO, Vocal Performance, 

Burbank, CA 

Lana Neal 

FR, Math, San Antonio 

June Nesby 

FR, Accounting, Georgetown 

Ha Nguyen 

FR, Int'l Studies, Houston 

Phuong Nguyen 

JR, Accounting, Houston 

Tivy Nobles 

SO, Business, San Antonio 

Mary Jane Morris 

FR, Pol. Sci., New York, NY 

Anne Moses 

JR, Art, San Antonio 

Sheralyn Mott 

SO, Chemistry, Pflugerville 

Andrew Mullinak 

FR, Business, The Woodlands 

Gay Normand 

FR, English, Temple 

Kim Novak 

SO, Psychology, Carrizo Springs 

Aileen Oandasan 

SO, Biology, Lake Jackson 

Ricky Ochoa 

FR, Biology, Pharr 

Julie O'Kuma 

FR, Int'l Studies, Channelview 


FR, Psychology, Huntsville 

Neda Oren 

FR, Theater, Blanco 

Steve Otillar 

FR, Business, Houston 

Andy Ozley 

SO, Business, Richardson 

Rebecca Paley 

SO, Bus. Adm., El Paso 

Xochitl Pareded 

SO, Art Adm., Austin 

Nancy Parker 

JR, Accounting, Amarillo 


Sou' wester 

Brent Seaks does his Bonner dance 
with Bertha Frausto during the 
battle of the bands. 


Now Brent wants to "Bone" with you 


It's lounge lizards Kate Miller, Ha 
Nguyen and Susanne Thoeni. 

First Mabee. Front row: Becky Wilson, Holly Graham, Jill Jones and Diane Finley. 
Middle row: Tivy Nobles, Monica Simon, Particia Jaramillo, and Monica Letts. Back row: 
Leslie Wilson and Mags Jaramillo. 

Mabee Third East. Front row: Jenny Morrison and Venessa Schaefer. Middle row: Beth Stanley, Barbie Rose, Joan Bryant, Karen Quadrini 
Tracey Shetton and Zaira Juarez. Back row: Amy Tankersley, Maria Lade, Jana Arenson, Traci AstoHo, Bobbi Buffington, DeAnna, Marissa 
Karstetter, Rachell Foot. 

First Herman Brown "The Pooo Locos'. Front row: Steve Perz, Brent Bledsoe, Adam Stewart, Don Shell, Jeff Easley, John Lutz. 
Middle row: Shawn Brown, JarretCummings, Chris Ladd, Mark Thompson. Steve McKay. Rhett Truster. Back row: Scott Thomas. 
Craig Garret, Burton Roberts. John Kotarski, David Fialho, Chip Pierce. Paul Price, Jamie R«*w«« Adam Rnrk and Nolan Wehe. 

Shawn Parsley 

JR, Biology, Conroe 
Mark Patterson 

SO, History, Houston 
Neil Patterson 

FR, Int'l Studies, Dallas 

Autumn Paul 

FR, Biology, San Antonio 

Sonja Peterson 

JR, Art, Mandeville, LA 

Maria Pfeiffer 

JR, Int'l Studies, Boerne 

William Pierce 

JR, Psychology, Georgetown 

Angela Pinson 

SO, undecided, New Braunfels 

Beth Pittman 

FR, Business, Canyon 

Christi Piatt 

FR, Elem. Ed., Freeport 

Kelly Poarch 

SO, Eng/Bus, Georgetown 

Ann Preis 

FR, Bus. Adm., San Antonio 

Renee Preiss 

SO, Pol. Sci., New Braunfels 

Paul Price 

SO, Math, Arlington 

Penny Prince 

SO, Int'l Studies, Midwest City, OK 

Kimberly Prewitt 

Int'l Studies, Kerrville 

Prince Rahman 

FR, Psychology, San Angelo 

Charles Ramser 

FR, Biology, Wichita Falls 

Kimberly Ratliff 

FR, Business, Arlington 

Jean Reeh 

SO, Accounting, Kerrville 

Jimmie Reeves 

FR, Biology, Missouri City 

Amy Reif 

JR, History, Alpharetta, GA 

Juan Reus 

SO, Business, Miami 

Cheles Rhynes 

FR, Theater, Dallas 

Sou' wester 

Eric Ritter 

FR, Biology, San Antonio 

Allen Roark 

SO, Pol. Sci., Temple 

Burton Roberts 

FR, Business, Dallas 

James Rodriquez 

SO, Comm., San Antonio 

Vernonica Rogers 

FR, Accounting, Houston 

Sharon Rork 

JR, Architectural Studies, 


Travis Rowell 

JR, Computor Sci., Stockdale 

Jana Ruby 

FR, Psychology, Houston 

Laura Runyen 

SO, Biology, Universal City 

JoshC. Russell 

FR, Business, Galveston 

Humberto Saenz 

FR, Pol. Sci., Weslaco 

Anthe Safos 

JR, Elem. Ed., Houston 

Joey Sanchez 

FR, History, Galveston 

Samuel Sandoval 

SO, Pol. Sci., Alice 

Cara Sandstrum 

JR, Music Ed., Del Rio 
Roderick Sanford 
JR, English, Waco 


SO, Int'l Studies, Houston 

Stephen Schlather 

FR, Biology, La Porte 

Deanna Schneider 

JR, Studio Arts, Fort Worth 

Karen Schulze 

SO, Biology, San Antonio 

Christine Schwall 

FR, ArtAdm., Houston 

Michael Schwartz 

JR, BusJEco., Houston 

Lisa Scott 

SO, Comm., Austin 

Tracie Shelton 

SO, Acc./Comm., Houston 

Sou' wester 

Bryan Shockley 

FR, Int'l Studies, Corpus Christi 

Ellen Short 

SO, Elem, Ed., Houston 

Kelly Sigler 

FR, English, Corpus Christi 

Jeremy Sim 

FR, Engineering 

Georgetown Penang, Malaysia 

Monica Simon 

SO, Int'l Studies, Cedar Park 

Kayla Simons 

FR, undecided, Ft. Worth 

Shannon Sims 

FR, Comm., San Antonio 

Spencer T.Skelley 

FR, Int'l Studies, Spring 

Audrey Smith 

FR, Int'l Studies 
Cynthia Smith 
SO, Biology, Round Rock 
Kevin G. Smith 

FR, undecided, Carrollton 
Lisa Smith 

FR, Business, Carrollton 

Meredith Smith 

FR, Int'l Studies, Dallas 

Nolan Smith 

SO, History, Bellaire 

Margaret Soderholtz 

FR, undecided, Victoria 

Lee Ann Sommer 

SO, Social Studies, Cypress 

Angela Sparks 

FR, Psychology, Mesa AZ 

Jeff Spencer 

FR, undecided, San Antonio 

Suzanne Stahl 

SO, Acc./Eng., Lake Jackson 

Ann Stephens 

SO, undecided, Denton 

Todd Stephens 

FR, Bus./Pol. Sci., Houston 

Kelley Stephenson 

SO, undecided, San Antonio 

Sheri Stice 

FR, Psychology, Houston 

Angela Straface 

JR, Biology, Port Neches 


Sou' wester 

Scott Streitman 

FR, Business, Beeville 

Wendy Streza 

FR, undecided, Houston 

Craig Strickland 

FR, Music Ed., Huffman 

Donald Stricklin 

FR, Theater, Houston 

Frank Su 

FR, undecided, Dayton 

Michael Sullivan 

SO, Theater, Houston 

Steven Sullivan 

FR, Business, Spring 

Lori Tackett 

SO, English, Corpus Christi 


FR, undecided, San Antonio 

Molly Tarkington 

SO, Music Ed, Bellaire 

Kelly Tenley 

JR, English, Boulder, CO 


FR, Biology, Santa Rosa 

Willy Thoeni 

SO, undecided, Santa Rosa 

Jason Thomas 

FR, The./Comm., Portland 

Karen Thomas 

SO, undecided, Austin 

Karmen Thompson 

SO, Accounting, San Antonio 

Mark Thompson 

SO, Theater, Borger 

Karen Tongberg 

JR, Business, Houston 

Melissa Torres 

FR, Accounting 

Paul Traeger 

SO, Business, Cedar Park 


JR, Business, Fairview 

Loan Tran 

FR, Biology, Port Arthur 

Tamra Trimble 

JR, Psychology, McAlester, OK 

Anselmo G. Unite 

FR, Chemistry, Lake Jackson 

Sou' wester 

The fine young men of Moody-Shearn and their caf. 

The studsters of Ruter. 

Jim Grant and Susan Garza come 
together to make a diamond. 


"Yes- we're the beautiful people" ■ 
gloat Anne Streit and Biil Cassis. ■ 

l-r. back; Lee Merrrtt, Jon Cheyney, Taylor Goss, Dinko Gonzalez and Enrique Brockmann, Middle; Kevin Adams. Monica Gutierrez, 
t„chler, David Sulkowski, Guillermo Cockrum and Eddie Pupo, front; Frank Salinas and Rob Darrah. 

Delicacies in the dorm: Yvonne 
Nevils tries her hand at Hawaiian 

Sou' w.tster 


Laura Urquidi 

SO, Business. La Paz, Bolivia 

Cass Van Winkle 

FR, Art, Houston 

Amy Van Wyngarden 

JR, Business, Lago Vista 

Carlton Vandiver 

SO, History, Ozana 

Valerie Vaughan 

JR, Bern. Ed., Temple 


JR, Computer Sci., Odessa 

Julie Verrett 

SO, Business, Corpus Christii 

Christi Villarreal 

FR, Pol. Sci., Corpus Christi 

Bo Villemain 

JR, Pol. Sci., San Antonio 

Rodney Waddle 

JR, Biology, Sugarland 

Dana Wagner 

FR, Business, Katy 

Scott Wagner 

JR, Accounting, Beloit, Wl 

Brion Walsh 

SO, Business, Austin 

Jeaninne Ward 

JR, Bern. Ed., Cuero 

Duana Welch 

SO, Psychology, New Braunfels 

Charles Weselman 

JR, Biology, Spring 

Kelly Whidbee 

FR, Education, Austin 

Lorri White 

FR, Int'l Studies, Spring 

Lara Whitley 

FR, undecided, Huntsville 

David Whitson 

JR, Business, Pampa 

Laura Williams 

FR, undecided, Houston 

Jean Williams 

FR, Art, Conroe 

Kent Willis 

JR, Business, Nederland 

Dorothy Wilson 

JR, French, Pasadena 


Sou' weslef 

Shawn Wiltse 

JR, Accounting, Antioch, IL 

Damon Withrow 

SO, Pol. Sci., Orange 

Ed Wolff 

JR, Business, Dallas 

William Wolfle 

SO, Bio/Psy, Bethda, MD 

James M. Wood 

SO, Computer Sci., Hewitt 

Carole G. Woodall 

JR, Inf I Studies, Houston 

Kristy K. Woods 

JR, Theater, Little Rock, AK 

Jennifer Wrubel 

SO, Elem. Ed., Austin 

Michael Wang 

FR, Inf I Studies, 

San Francisco, CA 

Caroline Yoeman 

JR, Psychology, Houston 

Eric J. Youn 

SO, Computer Sci., Houston 

Janet Zamecki 

FR, Art, Houston 

Sneed: Linda Hall, Cara 
Sandstrom, Sharon 
Graham, Annabelle 
Ibahez, Linette Sterling, 
Laura Michulka, Yvonne 
Nevills, Karen O'Neal, 
Joyce Yarbrough, 
Bertha Frausto, Denise 
Greenlees, Wendy 
Helburn, Meghan Carrol, 
Kathleen Allen, April 
Hampton, and Lisa Flori. 

1st. Floor East LK: 
Martha Barrera, Maria 
Gelabert, Laura Runyen, 
and Judy Albright. 



3rd. Kurth - Back; Jennifer Harper, 
Karen Roper, Leslie, Chris Carter, 2nd. 
Row; Martha Fillmore, Julie Brown, 
Carol Garcia, Meme Holland, Susanne, 
Lisa Abel, Amy, Jana Rubey, Audrey 
Smith, Ginger Gaines, Laura, Wendy 
Strenza, Katie, Nisa Sharma, Julie 
Branch; 1st Row. Ha Nguyen, Cass Van 
Winkle, Meredith Smith, Jill Davis, 
Elizabeth Lane, Moss Feller, Front; Kim 

Sometimes -dorm life drives one to 
extremes, as shown here by Sarah 
Calcote and Angela Straface. 

3rd. Lk- Back; Kristi Koenig, June Nesby, 
Maria Ludena, Middle; Autumn Paul, Jeni 
Gwinn, Tracy Richbourg, Kim Essary, 
Jane Morris, Front; Dana Hansen, Julie 
Leonard, Kenda Jameson, Susan Hiebert, 
Suzanne Stahl, Amy Jinks, Floor; Kelly 
Whidbee, and Gay Normand. 

As juxtaposition to dorm life, off campus 
people Holly Marshall and Lori Cling seem 

The German exchange students from the Universitaet Osnabruek include 
(L-R)Anke, Antje, Baerbel, J. P., Petra, Bettina, Joerg, Ute, Martin, 
and Marion. 

Caroline, Rachel and Charissa Jones are taking a 
break from the wild freshman party. 

* \ Why is harlot Chris Davis surrounded by hot babes 

^ Kris Callahan, Jennifer Biggers, Dot Light, Tracy 

PjP Richbourg and Jenny Doyle? Rumor says it has 

x something to do with his ability to do the "wild thing." 

You are healed!" declares Biff Brannon. 

Karen Hrdlicka gets carried away by Cathy Fuller 
and Todd Stephens. 

Yes, baloney does stick to walls, it also makes nice 
snowflakes. See how proudly Neda Oren, Monica 
Carrera, Margaret Edges, Melissa Holt and Lisa 
Smith point to their personal snowflakes. 


Sou' wester 

Jennifer Linton is caught trying to 
sneak a few winks. 

Jerry House practices his part in 
the SU Music department's 
production of King David. 

The Sweeney Sisters (Kim Breckon 
and Cheryl Morris) made a guest 
appearence in the Su talent show. 

Beware of the Muck Monsters (Gay 
Keilman, Maryanne Navickas, and 
Clint Lively) who dwell in San 
Gabriel park. 


Sou' wester 

Scott Thomas, John Kotarski, and 
Shawn Brown are soldiers of love. 


It 's not what they get out of it 
it s what they give 



Ebony is designed for students interested in Black 


1st. Michelle Espinosa, Elizabeth Holland 

(Secretary), 2nd. Julie Branch, Rachel Foote, 

Angelyque Campbell (Treasurer), 3rd. Roderick 

Sanford, 4th. Marsha Miller, June Nesby, Cheles 

Rhynes, 5th. Christine Leonard, Vernonica Rogers, 

Harry Hill (President). 

Not pictured 

Historian Cassandra Moore, Senior Advisor Chris 

Plumee, Moderator Felicia Johnson. 

Angela Nabors and Cassandra Moore smile before 

marching in the Homecoming Parade. 




Top: Annabelle Ibahez (Treasure), 
Xochitl Paredes (Vice-President), 
James Rodriguez (President), 
Marissa de Leon, Christi Villarrea. 
Bottom: Sandra Estrada, Monica 
Carrera, Michelle Espinosa, Laura 
Urquidi, Sonia Riquelme 
(Associate Member). 

The Hispanic Awareness Society is 
an organization designed to 
provide an understanding of 
Hispanic culture and experience 
and to share these expiriences 
with the university community. 

\j A. 

r A 



The International Club is made up of SU's international 

students and students interested in international awareness. 

l-r, Kneeling; Frank Salinas, Vickie Bartholomew, Angela 

Sparks, Sossy Sarikhanian, Melissa Torres, Jeremy Sim and 

Taylor Goss, standing; Enrique Brockmann, Guillermo 

Cockrum, Monica Carrera, Dinko Gonzalez, Monica Letts, 

Karen Franta (Faculty sponsor), Jutta Sharpe (Advisor) and 

Sue Peterson (Advisor). 

President-Jorge Diaz 

Treasurer-Dinko Gonzalez 

Secretary-Juan Reus 

Public Relations- Sossy Sarikhanian 

Social Activities-Nestor Berrocal 

International Students- Monica Carrera 

Dinko Gonzalez from Chile and Enrique Brockman of Bolivia 
proudly display their national flags at the annual flag 
ceremony. This ceremony welcomes the University's 
international students to the community. In 1989 there were 
17 foreign students representing 12 countries attending SU. 


Sou' wester 


The young republicans support candidates in national, state and local elections. 

L-r, Andrew Thompson, Mike McGrath, Karen Hrdlicka, Monica Simon, Deidre Bernard, Candance Coen, 

Nancy Hageland and Lara Degenhart. 


Scope Peace week speaker Cami 
Cunningham gave a lecture on Nuclear- Free 
New Zealand. S.C.O.P.E. (Student 
Coalition for an Organized Peace Effort) is a 
non-profit, non-political, educational 
organization which focuses on world peace. 
Events such as Peace Week, trips to 
Washington D.C., and the Nevada test site 
are all sponsored by SCOPE. Their main 
objective is to educate, learn, grow and give 
hope for a better world. 


Sou' wester 



The Student Judiciary holds trials concerning 
Honor Code violations. Student Judiciary is 
composed of 19 members representing all 
four divisions of the University. This 
organization represents the honor code and 
is here to keep the Honor system working 

Top; Sheryl Hardt, Cathy Fuller, Ursula Tippit 
and Lori Baur, bottom; James Campbell and 
Michael Hsiao 

President Anne Arnold 

Sou wester 


The UPC organizes entertainment for the student body and was responsible for such hip 
events as Casino Night, the Desert Comedy Show, and the Third Language Concert. Back 
row: Patricia Loughran, Dorita Hatchett, Karen Gratke, Angelyque Campbell, Heather 
Goynes, Rob Darrah, Janet Zamecki. Front: Gavin Program, Lee Leidecke Rob Sanford. 
Not pictured: Christy Sorensen, Trade Shelton, Lisa Smith and Fred Barrera. 


Sou' wester 


SHARP-Students Helping Admissions Recruitment Process. This group 
sponsors the perspective-student over night program and helps the admissions 
office in encouraging perspectives to commit to Southwestern University. Above 
are, Amy Vanwyngarden, Sonja Peterson and Tom Oliver. 


The purpose of Student 
Senate is to be an active 
voice for the students. The 
senate is an organization that 
is independent of the 
University Administration. 
The governance structure that 
works within the University is 
the Council System. There 
are four Councils: University 
Council, Academic Affairs 
Council, Faculty Affairs 
Council and Student Affairs 
Council. These four councils 
produce the actual changes 
that take place on campus. 

Some achievements of the 
senate this past year have 
been gaining microwaves for 
Kurth and LK, and a change 
machine for HB. Members 
were also selected to serve 
on the searce committee for 
the Associate Dean. 

president- Judith Manriquez 
vice president- Monica Kullak 
secretary- Brigid Malek 
treasurer- Lisa Dreishimire 
Pictured at right is Judy Manriquez- 
Student Senate president 

l-r, Front ; Kim Essary, Joe Case, Monica Kullak 
and Lauren Cox, 2nd row; Kim Baxter, Laurie 
Husmann, Angela Pinson, Elizabeth Holland and 
Alison McKay, 3rd row; Erik McConathy, Jill 
Fariss, Mark Thompson, Sheyl Hardt, Chuck 
Burchard, John Biles, 4th row; Tom Bohmfalk, 
Helen Bohmfalk, Trisha Dipprey, June Nesby and 
Chris Ladd. 

Janet Henderson, Matt Dyer, Hiawatha Bradley and Wendy 
Helburn are the members of the championship team "The 
Rad Mugs" at the Upward Bound Coed Volleyball 


Sou' wester 


Student Christian Fellowship is an 
interdenominational organization for 
Christian students who feel the need 
for something more than 
institutionalized religion. L-r are Rob 
Darray, Latisha Campbell, Kevin 
Adams and Katie McDonald. 


l-r, front; Sandra Estrada, MaryAnn Humphreys, Christie Flynn, John Biles and Lisa Flori, middle; Karen Franta, Roxanne 
Barnes, Annabelle Ibanez, Janet Henderson, Fr. Bob Scott and John Delaney, back; Chip Pierce, Humberto Saenz, Ron 
Chenovac, a visiting UT student, Patrick Eitenbichler and Michael Hurtado 

Sou' wester 


Men RA's and SA's 

Back row- (L-R) Mike Frontz, Fred Barrera, Jayson Jameson, Saul Laredo, Doug Gerrard, Scott Griscom. Middle- Chip 
Pierce, Brad Weselman, John Whitehurtz, Marcos Veloz, Gustavo Luna, Brion Walsh. Bottom- Tim Brinkman, Sean 
Wiltse, Victor Acepcion, Adam Stewart. 

Barbara Strickland and Palmi Testa preparing for the 
Homecoming Parade. 


Sou' wester 

Women RA's and SA'S dressed for sing. 

Front- Lisa Johnston, Shelly Whitter, Trisha Jaramillo, Suzanne Stahl, Kelly Tenley, Cathy Fuller, Georgianne 
Hewett, Palmira Testa, Martha Atkins. Middle- Chip Pierce, Carol Garcias, Mary Ann Humphreys, Kristin 
Sheltrown, Bobby Buffington, Lee Liedecke, Karen Roper. Back- Lauren Davis, Anne Moses, Lee Merritt, 
Saul Laredo, Roxanne Barnes, Jenifer Gwinn, Kelly Bremmer, Judy Manriquez. 

Linda Hall, Saul Laredo, and Lisa Johnson during the 
Residence Life Staff Sing production. 


The 1988-89 yearbooK staff are 
back; Kelli Holloway and Laurie 
Ott, front; Kristi Koenig and 
Kimberly Carter- Editor-in-Cheif. 
Not pictured is Becky Wilson. 

The yearbook was put together 
with the help of a conglomerate 
group of people. Such people 
being, aside from the staff, 
contributing writers Rich 
Armstrong, Lisa Scott and Amy 
Blake , contributing 

photographers Cass Van Winkle 
and Mike Gardner and slave 
laborer Katy Moore. The cover 
was designed by Laura Turner 
and the division pages were 
designed by Nick Wibbelsman. 
Official photographers were 
June Chen and Shannon Sims. 
Pseudo photographer Shannon 
Sims is not pictured. 


Sou' wester 

Katy Moore 
Slave Laborer 

June Chen 

Nick Wibbelsman 

Division Page 



The Megaphone staff produces SU's weekly newspaper. The staff includes from left to right, (front row to back row): 
Stephanie Gimenez (Editor), Michelle Mosher (Typesetter/layout) Tonia Cook (News/ Features Editor), Joe Weedon 
(Photographer), Stephanie Molnar (Typesetter), Allison Green (Arts and Entertainment Editor), Nate McCarty 
(Cartoonist), Georgeianne Hewett (Ads Manager), and not pictured- Heath Dollar (Sports), Lara Stewart (Typesetter). 


The Literary Magazine provides a 
vehicle for the ideas, opinions and 
creative efforts of the university 
community. Jeffrey Sean Williams 
served as the 1988-89 editor. Sean 
published two issues of the magazine, 
one in the fall and one in the spring. 



Student Animal Rights Activists, 
Front; Stephen Perez and Elizabeth 
Bartholomeo, back; James N. 
Campbell, Mark Thompson and 
Rebecca Cheney. Not pictured; 
Lillian Robison, Lisa Catherine 
Johnston, Palmer Neuhaus, Laura 
Nations, Laura Wilson, Lara Fry, 
Marjie Larowe, James Rodriguez, 
Holly Marshall and Karen Franta. 
Faculty Sponser is Glenda Warren. 

Activities for the year included an 
animal rights forum where topics 
such as wildlife rescue rattlesnake 
roundup, and animal lab testing 
were discussed. 


r-l, Linda Hall, Bridget Collins, 
Jennifer Bransom, Randy Cauley, 
and Jennifer Giroux. Not pictured 
are Sarah Pressly, Joe Bhnkley and 
Cami Cunningham. 


Sou' wester 


Top Row: (L-R) Cathy 
Fuller, captain, and Trade 
Shelton. Bottom Row: 
Derek Dickens, Kim 
Ahreltt, and Berto Saenz. 
Due to injuries, SU had two 
distinct rah rah squads. 
The rah rah's were the 
enthusiasm rousers at 
men's and women's 
basketball and women's 
vollyball games. The squad 
pictured above is (left to 
right): Tracie Shelton, 
Jolene Ferguson, Jill 
Miller, Cathy Fuller, Kim 
Ahrlett, and Humberto 

Sou' wester 


The 1989 Southwest Lacrosse Association collegiate champions include: (first row, behind trophy, l-r) Don Earles, 
Jerry Young and Rob Ranee; (second row, l-r) Margie Maldonado, Cole Widney, Mike Deane, Andy Ozley.Kim Sails, 
Brian Thomason, Todd Esse, Ford Hamilton, Jerry Monahan, Chris Casson, Craig Mundhenk, Ashley Gorham, Stacey 
Flood (club manager), John Santry, Wynn Haemmisegger; and (third row, l-r) James Reeves, Tony Shafer, Mike Davis, 
Dickie, John Forsberg, Leslie Penney, Mike Lee, David Robinson, Steve McKay, Eric Youn and John Lutz. The 
Southwestern Lacrosse Club defeated the University of Texas Longhorns 12-1 1 for the SWLA collegiate division 
crown April 22. 

For the Southwestern 
University Lacrosse Club, the 
crowning moment of the 
Southwest Lacrosse Association 
Collegiate Division 

Championship came when league 
president and UT coach Bob Korba 
had to turn over the first place 
trophy to the team that had just 
beaten his Longhorns. The Bucs 
had made up for the only loss of 
their 15-1 season and won their 
first championship, in their first to the playoffs. 

The rivalry between SU and 
nearby UT is one of the oldest in 
the league.; This year the Bucs 
beat Texas at home and lost to 
them on the road. The Bucs 
finished first in the Eastern 
Division, and Texas finished 
second. The playoffs were set up 
so that the number one team 
would play the number two team 
of the Western Division, and vice 

UT beat TexasTech 13-10, and 
advanced to the finals. SU beat 
SMU 11-6, and also advanced to 
the finals. The game was carried 
by the team's experienced 
attackmen. Seniors Don Earles,' 
Mike Deane, and Jerry Young 
accounted for eight goals and four 

Sophomore goalie Bryan 
Thomason had an- outstanding 
game, keeping the team alive in 
the first half before the offense 
heated ' up in the second. 
Thomason finished the game with 
17 saves. "Bryan played the most 
incredible game I have ever seen a 
goalie play," Coach Monty Curtis 
said, "he really saved us. 
Offensively, I think we played a 

really balanced game - we had an 
assist on almost every goal." 

Thomason had another 
outstanding game on Sunday 
against Texas. He came up with 
16 saves, compared to UT goalie 
J.J. Equia's 11. 

Face-offs were also critical. 
The last time the teams met, UT's 
face-ace Tim Curran owned the 
face-off. Senior midfielders. Ford 
Hamilton and Gerry Monahon won 
12 face-offs in this game, 
including one during a man-down 
situation that killed the penalty. 
South western's Don Earles scored 
1the v ' first 'of his four goals during 
the first two minutes of tne game, 
on an assist from senior midfielder 
Rob Ranee. The Bucs ran up a 
quick lead, and ended the first 
auarter 4-1. 

UT came back in the second 
quarter, tying the score 5-5 at the 
half. By the end of the third 
quarter, the Bucs were down 10-9. 
the Horns scored their last goal of 
the game in the first minute of the 
fourth quarter. Then the game see- 
sawed back in Southwestern's 
favor. Ford Hamilton scored his 
second goal of the game, and Mike 
Deane scored his first to tie it up 
11-11. Senior midfielder Todd 
Esse scored the winning goal with 
under two and a half minutes left, 
on an assist from Jerry Young. It 
was Esse's first goal since his hat 
trick game against Sam Houston, 
the game that clinched the Bucs 
playoff spot. 

After the Bucs ran the clock 
out, Esse said, "Everyone just 
erupted." For the twelve seniors 
on the team, it was the perfect end 
to a near-perfect season. Rob 
Ranee received the MVP award for 
the tournament, and collected a 
custom-engraved stick. Ranee 
leaves the team with a record 57 
goals in one season. Jerry Young 
leaves as the team's second all- 
time scorer, also with over 100 
goals. The other seniors are 
(alphabetically): Jeff Bennett, 
Mike Deane, Todd Esse, Ford 

Hamilton, Phil Henry, Gerry 
Monahan, Leslie Penney, and Kim 


The Southwestern Lacrosse 
team ;was formed six years ago and 
went two years before even 
winning a game. They posted 
their first winning record last year. 
This year, they took it all. 
Looking back, coach Matt Norris 
said, "No one here thought it could 
be done." 

The challenge for coaches 
Norris and Curtis next year will be 
to fill the hole left by the class of 
'89. "Next year is going to be a 
building year," Norris said. 
"There's going to be a lot of 
younger players really having to 
learn quickly." 

Norris and Curtis both point 
out that the team will retain most 
of this year's outstanding defense, 
graduating only wing defenseman 
Phil Henry. "I don't think anyone 
has given more of himself to this 
team than Phil Henry," Curtis 

The Bucs will compete next 
year in the Western Division of 
the league, against Texas Tech, 
SMU, Baylor, TCU and OSU. 

by Mike Lee 

Don Earles, the key to 
lacrosse is agression 
Jerry Young firas the ball 
during a slick lacrosse play 

=. zM 

11 mm ii i .irnrfc 



Team captains Rob Ranee, Don Earles leading the 
daily workout exercisos 

A team that styx together wins together 

Sou' wester 


L-r, front; Shawn Wiltse, middle; Mike Wolfe, Eric 
Schwegler, Pete Deeley, George Boudreau, Barry 
Bain and Pat Portman, back; Ricky Mitchell, Iggy 
Barbero, Bill Wolfle, Jim Doyle, Gus Luna, Bob 
Bednar and Mike Dizdar. Not shown are Robbie 
Celedonia, Nestor Berrocal, John Dapper, Nate 
Blakeslee and Joe Wilson. 

Barry Bain is seen going for a righteous pass during 
a game. 

Sou" wester 

Many different tribes were formed 
and each tvas loyal to its leader. 


Sou' weslef 

Chap Ut Officers 

President: Leslie Wilson 
V.P. Pledge Education: Dorothy Wilson 
Membership: Diane Runkles 
Panhellenic: Michelle Wuest 
Scholarship: Shari Schwinger 
Treasurer: Martha Kemper 
Information Sheet: Holly Graham 
Social: Sandra Durrenberger 
Chapter Relations: Ashley Johnston 

Angela Straface doing her ironing in the dorms 


Sou' wester 


It's bid day and Shannon Gill, Martha Kemper, Cami Cunningham, Carol Rushing, 
Angela Straface, Krysten Sheltrown, Cheryl Morris, Debbie Rathburn, Lauren 
Davis, Sandra Durrenberger, and Gaye Lynn Gilbert are waiting for the promisees 
to arrive. 

! * ■ 




Pledges are; Bottom; Cass Van Winkle, Kathy Degnan, Angela 
John, Susan Hiebert, Kim Ahrlett and Martha Fillmore, row 2; 
Christi Piatt, Meredith Smith, Amy Briscoe, Kelly Whidbee, Kim 
Tidwell, Julie Verret and Susan Garza, row 3; Denise Lee, Dana 
Wagner, Gay Normand, Jana Ruby, Lisa Abel, Karen Helmers, 
Maria Moore and Kim Novak. 







<* ' 


m *m .¥£■ 

Bottom; Carol Rushing, D'Lane Runkles, Angela Straface, Val Lovell, Shari Schwinger, Danielle Odom, Elise 
Gonzalez; Jennifer Cunningham and Susan Palms, 2nd row; Jill Jones, Kathy Hendron, Alisson Kearney, 
Leigh Gard, Beverly Elliot, Renee Preiss, Amy Gutrer and Kelli Bremer, Carol Garcia, Holly Graham, 
Kendra Trachta and Leslie row; Ashley Johnson, Jana Aronson, Dara Delamere, Shelly 
Buchanan, Shannon Gill, Kristi Waterman, Dorthy Wilson, Martha Kemper, Debbie Rathburn, Lauren Davis, 
Kathy Ellis, Leslie Wilson, Kristyn Sheltron, Barbie Rose, Cami Cunningham, Cile Spelce and Joan Bryant. 

Kelly Trachta, Susi Bertram, Gena 
Watson, Georgianne Hewitt, Amy J 
Rief and Courtney Franks at the DDD m 
state convention in Fort Worth. 

Chapter Officers 

Suzi Bertram- President 
Georgianne Hewitt- Chaplin 
Beth Chapoton- Pledge Trainer 
Amy Reit- Exec. V.P. 
Ally Dodge-Rush 
Laura Nations- Treasurer 
Tonia Cook- Secretary 
Anne Arnold- Sr. Panhellenic 

Pebble Brockette rode a moped during the 
homecoming parade. 

Leslie Ballenger, Carol Gallrien and Abby Candish make a delta on bid day. 

Roxanne Barnes, Angela Pinson, Laurie Husman, Neil Patterson spent their spring 
break at Galveston Island. 

f\ ry -A , 

Top row: Kim Prewitt, Karin Brown, Heather Goynes, Kelly Tenley, Casi Chamberlain, Beth Allison, 
Jessica DuPont, Lisa Smith, Diane Ashe, Sarah Calcote, Roxanne Barnes, Leslie Ballenger, Karen 
McCleod, Georgianne Hewitt, Emily Etie. Middle row: Karen Gott, Debbie Maschal, Katy Conerly, Beth 
Chapoton, Stephanie Maurer, Neil Patterson, Abbi Candish, Katie Schull, Pebble Brockette. Bottom 
row: Julie Brown, Robyn Tangum, Anne Moses, Amy Tankersley, Margaret Reilly, Nancy Parker, 
Traci Astolfo, Cullen Clark, Kelly Sigler. Front row: Kelli Holloway, Liza Harris, Heather Honig, 
Kimbra Boone, Gena Watson. 


Cfufter Officers 

Sharon Graham- President 
Dianne Gott- VP Membership 
Lai Eng- VP Pledge Education 
Cindy Smith- Recording Secretary 
Erin Allen- Corresponding Secretary 
Laura Kimball- Treasurer 
Karen Tongberg- Sr. Panhellenic 

Sharon and Ginny Graham are "sisters" in more 
than one sense. 

Delta Zeta says, "Good morning to Austin" with B93 Top row: Jolene Ferguson, Wendy 
Streza, Donna Hastings, Ginny Graham, and Maria Gelabert. Bottom row: Dundee Lackey, 
Erin Allen, Vanessa Davis, Meme Holland, and Lai Eng. 

1989 spring pledge class, l-r, front; Ginny Graham, Meme Holland, Margaret Soderholtz and 
Wendy Streza, back; Vanessa Davis, Kim Baxter, Cynthia Brink and 
Dundee Lackey 

Front row: Lai Eng, Maria Gelabert, Latisha Campbell, Sharon Graham, Donna Hastings. Middle row: 
Jolene Ferguson, Stacy Flood, Martha Machell (advisor), Janis Abel, Rachel Foote. Back row: Dianne 
Gott, Kimberly Herbert, Laura Kimball, Kristy Lelvis, Cindy Smith, Erin Allen, Karen Tongberg and Pema 


S«iu' wu; ter 

Lori Baur, she's on the fluff cycle. 

Chapter Officers 

Nancey Littleton- President 
Jenny Morrison- VP I 
Karen Holloman- VPII, 
Director of Pledge Programming 
Maria Kruger- Ritual 
Jeannie Reeh-Treasurer 
Bridgid Malek- Secretary 
Felica Leonard- Historian 
Elisa Fontenot- Sr. Panhellenic 

Sou' wester 

Studly ZTA pledges Kris Olsta and Kenda Jameson charge on during KA Derby Day. 

Front; Suzanne Bryant, Nina Gunther, Ashlie Simecek, Stephanie Murff and Kyla Lawson, Middle; 

Dana Hansen, Ann Preis, Judy Albright, Kenda Jameson, Tammy Bland, Dorothy Caldwell, back; 

Julie Leonard, Kim Ratcliff, Dana Davis, Laurie Ott, Cathy Fuller, Pam Lohec 

and Kristin Kenndy. Not pictured; Amy Blake, 

Candy Coen, Kristy Koenig 

and Kris Olsta. — -m^mM 

Front; Kimberly Carter, Susan Dindot, Jana Jordon, Laura Urquidi, Bridgid Malek, Jennifer Blume, Brady Powell, Jana 
Jordon, Sharon Lundgren, Suzi Wallace, Jennifer Schulze, 2nd ,ow; Nancy Littleton, Maria Kruger, Leslee Fulbright, 
Martha Barrera, Lisa Scott, Becky Kendall, Lori Boren, Sharon Rork, Vicky Vanderwind, 3rd row; Amylu 
Streater.Laura Brusch, Lisa Johnston, Felicia Leonard, Karen Holloman, Molly McKee, Kristi Kitterman, Jenny 
Morrison, DeAnna Ware, Amy Schmidt, Angela McChessney, M.C. Abelanet, Melinda Rogers and June Chen, Back; 
Jeanie Reah, Ann Stephens, Jill George, Sarah Pressly, Leeanne Richardson, Wynn Haemisegger, Kris 
Friesenhahn, Charesse John, Lori Boren, Trina Earles, Sally Abbott and Laura Turner. 

Sou wester 

Kappa Alpha little sisters, Elisa 
Fontenot, Anthe Safos and Laura Turner 
help with the chapter's car wash in the 

Chapter Officers 

1 John Santry 

2 Rodney Waddel 

3 Jeff Burrow 

4 Henry Stone 

5 James Campbell 

6 Bill Alexander 

7 Richard Williams 

8 Alexander Reilly 

9 Brent Hall 

Andrew Thompson, Pat Berry, John Santry, and Jeff 
Bauknight before the traditional KA Serenade.. 

Brad Zielinski and Matt Castleman are fine young Southern gentlemen. 

Spring 1989 Pledges, Top row: Andy Mullinax, Chip May, 
Tom Kirkpatrick, Shannon Sims, Kevin McMahon, Chris 
Casson. Bottom row: Patrick Rork, Mark Holmes, Matt, 
Bryan Shockley, Barry Broeckelmann and Mark Ledet. 



ym. 1 


* « ;]i ' 



IXiJw 3Bp ' 

Very top: Pnnn King. Top row: David Turner, Burton Cleavland, Beaker, Matt Motes, Martin Brown, John Patton 
Kim Sails, Pee-Wee, Big Al, Brent Hall.Kent Heythorn, Shelly "The Rose" Buchanon, Bill Alexander, Todd Esse 
Michael McGrath, Don Al Middlebrook, Zebo, Rodney Waddle, Layng Gurriero.Middle row: Scott Kimbrough 
Manssa Grillo, Shannon Gill, Renee Price, Jeff Bauknight, Anthe Safes, Joan Thompson, Amy Reif, 
Stephanie Gimenez.Anne Arnold, Erik Hansen, Pat Berry, Laura Turner, Jerry Young, The Doctor, Allen Brady 
Jeff Burrow, Tee-Dub. Bottom row: Jamie McBride, JessicaGilaspy, Lurleen Wells, Karen Turner, Angele Cook 
Elisa Fontenot, Felicia Leonard, Pete Simon, Tommy Muniz, Goose, Andrew Thompson, bonehead, John Hollme's 
Todd Bryant, Slick, John Seymour, Fred Manar, John Santry, Richard Williams, and Doug E-Fresh 


Shu' wsier 

Kappa Sigma Wood Nymph 
Dawson and Nate Blakeslee 

Chapter Officers- fad 
Derrick Young-GM 
John Mahaffey- GMC 
Steve Smith- GT 
Chris Williams- GS 

Chap ter Office rs -Spring 
Chris Williams- GM 
Mike Chiang- GMC 
Willie Thoeni- GT 
Hoj Kim- GS 

Coulson Widney and his pet iguana 
time together. 

;njoy spending 

Willy Thoeni, Pat Murphy and Tim Smith want to know how to earn bonus points 
during the annual Kappa Sig road rally. 

Front; Josh Russell, Pieter Barendregt, Moses Fisher, 
Barry Patton, Patrick Murphy, Bill Cassis, Kevin 
McKinney, Travis Willman, back; Joe Wilson, Nate 
Blakeslee and John Styrsky. Not pictured are Donnie 
Todd and Nick Wibbelsman 

L-r; Eric Youn, Darren Fisher, Steven Smith, Darren Britt, Matt Jones, Nolan Smith, 
Rick Armstrong, Coleson Widney, Mike Chiang, Scott Hansen, Hojun Kim, Willy 
Thoeni, Chris Williams (sitting), Derek Young, John Mahaffey and Tony Shafer. 

Sou' wesier 

It's a late night at the house after 
the Phi semi-formal for Hilton 
Turnbull, Bohdy Hedgcock, Gregg 
Proctor and Scott Burkey. 

Chapter Officers- fait 

Reid Morrison-President 
Glen Blackwood-VP 
Brian Bruckner- Secretary 
Mike Moreland- Treasurer 
Brandon Quarles- Pledge Trainer 
Steve Bavone- Alumni Secretary 
Chris Holland-Rush Chairman 
Hal Long-Housing 
Scott Burkley- Special Projects 

Chapter Officers -Spring 

Robby Celedonia- President 
Glen Blackwood -VP 
Brandon Quarles- Secretary 
Brian Bruckner- Treasurer 
Brett McClung- Pledge Trainer 
Steve Bavone- Alumni Secretary 
Chris Holland-Rush Chairman 
Hal Long- Housing 
Scott Burkley- Special Projects 

Gregg Proctor and Alex Purchase reunite during the 
Phi Alum weekend. 

Biff Branon, Todd Stephens, Tim McGonigle, Brent Seaks, Pete Allman, Mark 
Smigiel and Scott Durkin are just hanging out at the house. 

The 1989 Pledges are Mark Easterly, Will Hoegemeyer, Tim McGonigle, Michael 
Durkin, Biff Branon, John Dapper, Mark Smigiel, Todd Stephens, Pete Alman, Rie 
Wade, Mike Hansen, Thomas Mayo, Monroe Giese, John Doenges, Ben Giese, Lamar 
Smith, Randy Cauley, and Scott Griscom. 

Front row: Justin Carr, Bill Wolfie, Bryan Thomason, Shawn Wiltse, Mike Sullivan, Ben Austin, 
Scott Burkey, Michael Davis,, Van Fitzgerald, Gregg Proctor. Second row: Todd Anderson, James Stith, 
Sam Neaville, Hal Cromwell, Brett McClung, Gerry Rigatos, Joe Fisher, Todd Gantt, Brent Seaks, 
Allen Roark, Jack Franklin, Chris Holland, James Perdue, Chad Schiffner, Brian Bruckner, Ted Hume. 
Third row: Eric Stray, John Forsberg, Robby Celedonia, Bohdy Hedgecock, Hilton Turnbull, 
Chris White, Clark Cornwell, Steve Bavone, Scott Butler, Roland Brand, Glenn Blackwood, Taint, 
Matt May-who, Paul Fitz-giblets, Reid Morrison, Brandon Quarles, Word. 

Sou' wester 

Super studier, David Rex is doing what 
he does best- studying. 

Chapter Officers 

Daniel Vera- President 
David Rex- VP 
RobCrangle- Secretary 
Pat Portman- Treasurer 


Sou' wester 

Mark Aucoin & Max i.e. it's a boy and his dog. 

Robert Linhart sings boldly during PKA's performance at SING. 

First row (kneeling): Beef, Dad, Jedi, Brink, Joe Case, Jon McCormick, John Eagle Sel Unite 
Bill Bowman, Mike Dizdar. Second row: Tom Oliver, Boots, Ski, Red Sanford, Heem Zeus 
Keith Curlee, David Rex, Moose, Conception, Reamo, George Boudreau, Rusty John Whitehurst 
Jim Doyle.Alan Calcote, Jasyn Jameson. Third row: Justin Elmore Fudd, Crangle Joey Schwartz 
Terry Smithson, Garret Brandt.Rodney Mayerhofe.Lee Liedcke, Dan Vera, Iggy Barbero ' Chris Morris 
Spencer Skelley, Scott Streitman, Brent Bledsoe, Keith Guehring, Dave Bream VanderStraten 

Sou' wec-ler 

Hard-core rock climbers Barry 
Bain, Lea Brimberry, David 
Vanderstraten, and Ali McKay are W 
taking a much needed break. 

Here the rock climbers are seen 
scaling a mountain. 

"Oh wow, it's a ball," exclaims 
Karen Schultze. 

Paul Fitzgibbons attempts to tackle 
"the enemy" during intramura 


Sou' wester 

Traci Ellilot, Sheralyn Mott, Ann 
Guy and Janet Henderson at 
Midwestern State University in 
Wichita Falls, Tx. on a basketball 
road trip. 

Just the right composition 
of people. . . 




Sou' wester 

— Volleyball 

1988-1989 Volleyball Team 

This year the Lady Buc's had yet 
another outstanding season. They 
began the season strong in 
mid-August and continued to 
dominate until the end, losing only 
one home game. They boasted many 
accomplishments and set several new 
school records. They won the ASU 
tourney and also took first place at the 
prestigious Missouri Western 

They won the District Championship 
in a marathon record- setting three and 
one half hour match against TWC, and 
went on to win Bi-District by defeating 
MSU. The Bi-District championship 
earned them a place in the national 
tournament, which was their 6th 
national tournament appearance. 
They ended their superb season at 
the tournament by taking 5th place in 
the nation. 


Sou' wuster 

Award winning volleyball coach- Glada Munt 

Sheri Roberts 
First Team 
All Americn 

Kim Long 

Honorable Mention 

All American 

They act 
as one. . . 



Becky Wilson 
Second Team 
All American 

Lori Jones 

Kim Baxter 

Dana Davis 

Wanda Hermes 


Kelly Jarrell 


Monica Maldonado 


Kim Ratliff 

Cathi Rivera 

Becky Wilson hammers the ball. M M - 

Go Bucs!! 
It was a slammer by Sheri Roberts. 


Sou' wester 

District IV Coach of the Year 

wins: 43 loses: 9 

Kelly Jarrell slams the ball over the net. 

Sou' wester 

1988 NAIA National Volleyball Championship : 

I Inn NAIA fhamptonship team back, Coach Glada Munt, Kelly Jarrell, Sheri Roberts, Becky Wilson, Kim 

BaxL Kim pTn'ff r m t a H n9 p er '* F "?f "^ front ' man 9 er Ha Nguyen, Wanda Hermes, Dana Davis, Kim 
Baxter, Kim Ratcliff, Cathi Rivera and Monica Maldonado 


Sou'wester weekend 


It's styling coach Glanda 


The Seniors got excited 
and showed a little leg 
during the Championship 

Obviously another perfect 

Sheri poses with the teams Championship award 

"Look Mom,. . . dresses." 

Sou' wester 

1 988-89 Pirate Baseball Team 

wins: 41 loses:20 

28 Todd Fagg 

^ > 

22 Todd Marshall 

25 James Mills 

t i 

24 Jim Phillips 

16 David Allen 

20 Don Chids 

17 Pat Leonard 

19 Paul Traeger 



6 Mike Hansen 

2 Pat Primavera 

10 Kevin Kalisky 

33 Quentin Riley 

23 Troy West 

/ mm \ 

8 Scott Smith 

9 Eddie Sanchez 

i \ 

13 Todd Mantz 




15 Jason Steed 

11 EricBoyt 

*ifjjw- r «»» 

(MB "l 

30 Jeff Spencer 


29 John Carpenter 

27 Drue Reeves 

4 1 

26 Hobey Strawn 

V. J 

5 Martin Criado 

18 Steve Sullivan 


12 Devin Tinney 


Pat Primavera prepares to slam a homer. 

.V'-<: : . -i;: L .{ ;/.:':.:,:■: ..'•^r^: M-oMJ 

James Mills beats the ball to first base during practice. 

All American catcher Jim Phillips hitting a home run during the Alvin series. 


"Much improved! Freshmen pitchers Sullivan, Tinney and Boyt 
will make immediate impact. Childs, Mantz and Reeves are 
much improved. Troy West may be biggest help of all." 





































































































Newcomers: Eric Boyt, Steve Sullivan, and Devin Tinney 
Key Losses: Mike Anderson (7-5, 7.13), Brad Baker (8-2, 2.87) 


"Solid once again. Phillips, Kalisky, Carpenter and freshman 
Smith all are capable receivers." 

Name GS/GP 
Phillips 66/69 
Carpenter 30/48 
Kalisky 15/24 


202 77 91 68 19 2 

83 23 26 24 7 

42 10 13 9 3 1 


20 .451 305 29 9 .974 

4 .313 119 15 10 .931 

.333 15 3 3 .857 

Newcomers: Scott Smith 
Key Losses: None 


"Infield should be solid. Sanchez at SS, Primavera at 3B 
Mills at 1B, and newcomer Traeger at 2B." 


Mills 71/71 224 74 85 69 13 23 .379 361 35 8 980 

204 60 6151 7 1 7 .299 63 116 21.895 

171 49 47 42 8 6 .275 66 2 21 .889 

60 11 20 8 2 1 .333 30 37 9.882 

Sanchez 66/71 
Primavera 52/63 
Traeger 21/30 

Newcomers: Mike Hanson 
Key Losses: Andy Landry (.305) 


"A question mark this year. If Shelton returns from injur, 
plus development of Leonard in right, the outfield will be gool 
Riley, Spencer, plus Carpenter, are all capable of doing a goo 


Fagg 58/65 

Shelton 41/47 
Riley 29/45 


70/71 210 79 77 82 18 1 21 .367 11 1 2 857 

179 50 31 41 10 5 8 .302 130 15 5 .967 

144 41 60 22 9 5 6 .417 97 2 2 .952 

92 31 27 22 5 2 3 .293 32 2 2 .944 

Newcomers: Jeff Spencer, Martin Criado 
Key Losses: None 

Sou' wester 

Men's Basketball 

Front Kneeling- David Peak and 
Coach Paul Peak; Middle row- Doug 
Peak, Doston Bradley, John Heath, 
Craig Choate, Chris Plumlee, Pete 
Fink; Top row- Ray Baranco, Kendall 
Clements, Aaron Zoerner, Scott 
Matthew, Ron Chovanec, Wes 

The Pirates Basketball team had 
another good season this year. 
With strong senior leadership 
and individual determination the 
Pirates finished as the #1 team 
in the NAIA District Four 
independent. Two members of 
the squad were named to the NAIA 
District Four all District team. 
Ray Baranco was chosen for the 
first team and Chris Plumlee was 
selected to the second team. 
Chris also received Honorable 
Mention All-American Honors. 

Thotogra-pks courtesy of T>an Jo-Kail, 
captions by Carmen 9Q.ltner 


tJou 1 wesler 

Coach Paul Peak and student assistant coach David Peak 

John Heath 
Sr, Center 


Wes Warren 
SO, Forward 




Chris Plumlee 
SR, Guard 

Scott Matthew 
SR, Forward 

Ray Baranco 
JR, Guard 


Doston Bradley 
FR, Guard 

Craig Choate 
FR, Guard 


Aaron Zoerner 
FR, Forward 

Pete Fink 
SR, Guard 

\ / W I 

Ron Chovanec 
SO, Forward 

i I h 

Kendall Clements 
FR, Forward 

Doug Peak 
FR, Guard 


Sou' waster 


v *y. 




Per Game Statists 


Field Goal 
2pt% 3pt% 

Free Throws 










































































Center John Heath towers above the 
competition as he goes in for the two. 


Sou' wes'^r 

ZZ Women's Basketball 

The Pirates Basketball Team is the NAIA District IV Championship winner. The 1988-89 women's basketball 
team- Standing: Coach Reda Clay, Janet Henderson, Stacy Swoboda, Stephanie Baker, Misty Clay. Middle 
row: Christy Schwall, Ponda Griggs, Ann Guy. Front row: Kelly Poarch, Sheralyn Mott, Traci Elliott and Tivy 

Lisa Juarez 
Student Asst. Coach 

Ruthanne Betts 
Student Manager 

Christine Leonard 
Student Trainer 

Cari Wieland 
Student Statistician 

Stephanie Baker 


Honorable Mention 

All American 

Stacy Swoboda 

Ponda Griggs 

Misty Clay- 

Traci Elliott 

41 /M 

Ann Guy 

Janet Henderson 

Sheralyn Mott 





' *. '*'■- ";" ''■''' ' 



W -'HB 

,; " 




Stacie Necessary 

Tivy Nobles 

Kelly Poarch 

Christy Schwall 

Sou' wester 

Sou' westef 


Ponda Griggs slams in 
two more points. 

Sou' wester 


z Tennis 

Back; Bill Alexander, Tommy Muniz, Tammy Bland, Kyla Lawson, Pat Choi and 
Ha Nguyen, front; Maria Moore, Susn Donald, Susan Hiebert, Stephanie Murff 
and Angela Straface. 

win's loses 
men's 4 7 

women's 3 8 


Sou' wester 


Most Valuable Player- 
Basketball (M) 

Most Valuable Player- 
Basketball (W) 

Most Valuable Player- 
Tennis (M) 

Most Valuable Player- 
Tennis (W) 


Most Improved (M) 

Most Improved (W) 


Most Improved (M) 


Most Improved (W) 

Most Improved 


Most Inspirational (M) 


Most Inspirational (W) 


Top Performer 


Best Defensive Player (M) 



Best Defensive Player (W) 


Basketball "S" Award 

District 4- Basketball 
Coach of the Year 

District 4- Volleyball 
Coach of the Year 

District 4 

Athletic Director of the Year 



Men's Basketball 
Chris Plumee 

All America- Honorable 


NAIA Scholar Athlete 

Sheri Roberts 

NAIA All American- 1 st Team 
AVCA All American-1 st Team 
Becky Wilson 

NAIA All American- 2nd Team 
AVCA All American-2nd 
Kim Long 
NAIA All American- 
Honorable Mention 

Sou' wester 

z Intramural Sports 

The student intramural directors were, for the men- Reid 
Morrison and Troy Williams, for the women- Donna Hastings 
and Wynne Haemisegger. The faculty directors were Don 
Heins and Tex Kassen. The intramural program involves 75 
percent of the student body and includes a well rounded verve 
of games from darts to soccer. An intramural record was 
broken this year by Katie Shull of "The Matilda Babes" by 
winning the 50 yd dash in 31,56 seconds. 

Girls Basketball intramural champs 
VBPhi are, Wendy Helburn, Lori Jones, 
Kristy Horton, Becky Wilson, Kim Long 
and Wanda Hermes. 

Phi I men's softball champs are, front; 
Reid Morrison, Sam Neaville, Ted Hume, 
Ben Austin and Chris Holland, back; 
Todd Gantt, Alan Roark, Paul 
Fitzgibbons, Robby Celedonia, Hal 
Cromwell and Joe Fisher. 

Kurth Kamikaz Crickets- swim team 
champions, l-r, Robin Joynes, Karen 
Hrdlicka, Cathy Fuller, Margaret 
Soderholtz, Laura Williams, Karen 
Bradshaw, Melissa Torres and Paige 


Sou' wester 



PKA vs KA in coed volleyball. 

PKA I men's volleyball 
championship team, front; Barry 
Bain, Alan Calcote and Jim Fagan, 
2nd row, Ted Turner and Keith 
Curly, back, Boots Elliot, Pat Angus 
and Wayne Little. 

The KA's playing a little intense 
game of volleyball. 

Don Earles and June Chen prepare 
to return the volley during co-ed 

Derrick Young and Mike Chiang 
lunge for the ball as Kevin 
McKinney watches. 

Sou' wester 

Take it easy 

Marisa Grillo - Hot rodden Momma hits the 
campus like a true rebel without a cause. 

This is your brain, this is your brain on 
drugs - now.... this is your hair on 
drugs. (Madeline Guadagnoli) 

Rick Wade just got a hold of some "funky 
cold medina" 


Sou' wester 

Look its Phi people Bryan Thorn ason, 
Chad Schiffner, John Forsberg, 
Christy Schwall, Kristin Kennedy and 
Daniella Denon enjoying a night of 
Mardi Gras at the masion. 

Carol Garcia demostrates how to 
"dance with myself". 

"Stop in the name of Love," declare 
Bobby Linhart, Patrick Martin, Rod 
Sandford, John Chesney and Philip 

Take it slow... 

Sou' weste' 

It's the semi-reunion of the Freshman Hall- 
"The Wild Wenches": Front; Karen Schultze, 
2nd. Row; Jon Biles, Sheryl Hardt, Leslie 
Marsh, Susan Busch, Julie Wilbur, 3rd. Row; 
Gay Keilman, Jill Jones, Mike Frontz, Karen 
Roper, Carol Garcia, Diane Finley, 4th. Row; 
Brent Bledooe, Kelli Bremer, Ann Stephens, 
Maryanne Navickas, and Kevin Adams. 

Steve Otillar discusses male bonding with 
Geraldo, a.k.a. Jerry Juarez, Erick Boyt, and 
Steve Sullivan. 

It's the semi-reunion of the 
Freshman Hall- "The Wild 
Wenches": Front; Karen 

Schultze, 2nd. Row; Jon Biles, 
Sheryl Hardt, Leslie Marsh, 
Susan Busch, Julie Wilbur, 3rd. 
Row; Gay Keilman, Jill Jones, 
Mike Frontz, Karen Roper, Carol 
Garcia, Diane Finley, 4th. Row; 
Brent Bledsoe, Kelli Bremer, Ann 
Stephens, Maryanne Navickas, 
and Kevin Adams. 
Steve Otillar discusses male 
bonding with Geraldo, a.k.a. 
Jerry Juarez, Erick Boyt, and 
Steve Sullivan. 


Sou' wester 

Who will get a better grade 
Jerry Rigatos or the teddy bear. 

Laura Brush, Stephanie Panus and 
Connie Krueger are still lost in 
the 60's and loving it. 

We wonder what first inspired 
Kris Callaham, Jen Hritz, and 
Jen Doye's interest in growing 
things that are green? 

Yeah Matthew's got that 
something, I'll think you'll 
understand - when I feel that 
something - I want to hold his 

We're Just happy campers - 
Nisa Sharma, Mike Gebbie, Liz 
Monkus and David Robinson. 

Fred Barrera 
"get down". 

knows how to 

Never let go... 

Sou' wester 

young man, it's wonderful to be young! 'Enjoy every 
minute if it! (Do all you want to; take in everything, but 
realize that you must account to Qodfor everything you 
do. So banish grief and -pain, but remember that youth 
with a whole life before it, can make serious mistakes. 
- Ecclesiastics 11:9-10 

tf ;:.;;:'■ 


The camel has been spoon-fed 
all his values and he's become 
dogmatic about those values. 

The lion realizes his values 
have been spoon-fed to him, yet 
he's unable to create his own 

"Qood and evil have 
always been, created By lovers and 
creators'- 9{ietzscfie 

A ^r 

The child creates his own world. 



GOD Lea Brimberry, Kat 9 Moore, °an Yozall, Carmen Keltner and eOrItH HRt[HEtt 


Sou' wester 

"■ **